Five Tips to Avoid Test Slippage

22 Oct, 2013

Poor test environment management is often the common denominator when testing on large-scale projects or programs slips from the test schedule. Lesson? Ignoring Integration Will Bite You Every Time

21 Oct, 2013

Integration issues may be what plagues as it falters while attempting to sign up millions for health care insurance.

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014

18 Oct, 2013

Ten strategic technologies that have the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years.

Top Five Ways to Boost Retail Websites for the Holidays

17 Oct, 2013

This year presents an interesting -- and relatively new -- opportunity for brands to increase their direct-to-consumer relationships.

An Eye-Opening Woman’s View from the CIO Seat

16 Oct, 2013

Becky Blalock, a 33-year IT veteran and former CIO, shares her views on enterprise leadership, women's issues, and the recent Twitter board debacle.

Former U.S. Infosys Employees Allege Discrimination on Basis of National Origin

14 Oct, 2013

An August class-action lawsuit against Infosys has been amended with new information.

Infosys Sets Aside $35 Million to Settle U.S. Government’s Visa Fraud Case

11 Oct, 2013

An addendum to the company's quarterly report gives details.

Security Breakdowns Can Ruin a Company’s Image

10 Oct, 2013

If the only news people hear about your company's product is from the latest hacks or malware issues, your brand and product are in trouble.

How to Make Crowdsourcing Work for the Enterprise: Start with an Equitable Wage

09 Oct, 2013

To make its crowdsourcing model work for the enterprise, Lionbridge ensures that its global workers get paid an equitable wage.

Anti-Bribery Cases Bring Growing Risk to Light

11 Sep, 2013

Anti-bribery risk management strategies should be approached with media exposure, financial fines, and imprisonment of involved employees and executives as risks to mitigate.

'I Killed a Rabid Fox with a Croquet Mallet: Making Your Business Stories Compelling and Memorable' Excerpt

02 Jul, 2013

Learn the value of building compelling and memorable stories and how to build your own great stories through examples from large multinational businesses and smaller companies that any business person can understand and mirror.

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