BlackBerry: We Get Security, the Other Guys Don’t

29 Jul, 2014

For BlackBerry, security is its killer app.

Learn to Help Your Employees Rebuild Trust After a Break in Confidence

29 Jul, 2014

Managers and company leaders should learn how to facilitate the healing process among their employees after a breach of trust.

The Changing Data Center Climate

29 Jul, 2014

Recognition is growing that infrastructure choices should no longer be driven strictly by current problems of today, but by the opportunities that lie ahead.

States Versus Feds on Municipal Broadband

28 Jul, 2014

Laws in many states constrain municipalities from building such networks. The debate, which pits Republicans against Democrats in Washington, DC, gradually is coming to a head.

Female Founder of Social Media Monetization Platform Is Another Trailblazer

28 Jul, 2014

Jenny Q. Ta is CEO of Sqeeqee.com, a platform that enables businesses to monetize their social media activities.

To Scale Is the Answer. The Question Is How.

28 Jul, 2014

Achieving scalability is not simply a matter of deploying the latest cloud or virtual technology, but a holistic endeavor that encompasses a wide range of systems, processes and organizational attributes.

Sprint Aligns Mobile Strategy to Google Apps for Business

28 Jul, 2014

Sprint says it is seeing demand from customers for a complete mobile experience managed by the carrier that comes with access to cloud applications.

Endpoints Are Most Vulnerable Yet Not Well Secured

24 Jul, 2014

Security professionals know what’s coming and they know where the likely risk of a breach is, and yet, they remain (and admit that they are) under-prepared.

Docker Acquires Orchard Laboratories to Manage Containers

23 Jul, 2014

The next big challenge facing IT organizations will be trying to manage containers alongside virtual machines.

How to Tackle Communication Problems in a Multigenerational Workplace

23 Jul, 2014

In workplaces with as many as four generations struggling to communicate with each other, even simple exchanges can result in misunderstandings that can create serious problems.

Eight Signs Your Team Is in Trouble

23 Jul, 2014

Eight common behaviors that team leaders should look for and address before they escalate into big organizational failures - lost contracts, missed deadlines, budget overruns, and the loss of key team members.

Google Following Microsoft into Regulatory Mess

22 Jul, 2014

If Google simply looked at its users and treated them as it would like to be treated and took governments seriously, much of its existing pain would likely disappear.

How Apple and IBM Could Successfully Merge

22 Jul, 2014

A path exists for both companies that, in theory, could result in the benefits of the merger being realized while avoiding most of the risks.

Veeam Embraces Microsoft System Operations Manager

22 Jul, 2014

Veeam Management Pack version 7 for Microsoft System Center marks the first time Veeam has been able to plug directly into the Microsoft management console.

802.11ac Gets Ready to Do the Wave

21 Jul, 2014

The industry clearly is on the road to 802.11ac wave 2, and it all starts with chips.

Quantum Makes Backup Capacity Available on Demand

21 Jul, 2014

Only a handful of vendors have developed purpose-built appliances that come loaded with software that automates the workflow surrounding the backup and recovery process.

When the Sales Team Needs BI Tools, the IT Group May Be the Last to Know

21 Jul, 2014

Line of business users often directly seek out data and business intelligence tools, and IT needs to be aware of these needs that are not being fulfilled with other solutions.

Why the Internet of Things Faces a Painful Path to Adoption

21 Jul, 2014

Security, privacy, vendor lock-in and legacy architectures top one industry expert's list of concerns.

Better Internal Collaboration Can Keep Hackers Away

21 Jul, 2014

The collaboration breakdown often stems from how security is viewed within the company.

VMware Seeks Desktop Virtualization Converts

21 Jul, 2014

VMware is betting that a substantially improved user experience will drive more customers to embrace both desktop and application virtualization.

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