Telemedicine’s Promise and Challenges

20 Aug, 2014

Legal and procedural questions about telemedicine are piling up, but growth is skyrocketing.

Gartner Hype Cycle Predicts on Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Connected Home

19 Aug, 2014

It feels like the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies is speeding up.

Gaming the Sales Force: How HP’s Security Unit Massively Increased Sales

19 Aug, 2014

A new sales gamification platform, FantasySalesTeam, has helped one HP division miraculously increase its sales.

Five Strategies to Transform Your Tech Support Offering

19 Aug, 2014

Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining a tech support staff is expensive, and each call comes at the expense of profitability. It's time to re-invent your tech support business unit.

Xangati Extends IT Management Reach

19 Aug, 2014

If IT organizations had their way, there would be one management tool to rule them all.

California Ruling on Reimbursements to Complicate BYOD

18 Aug, 2014

The death of BYOD? Some say so, after a California Court of Appeals landmark ruling.

Cisco Adjusts to a New Reality

18 Aug, 2014

No matter how successfully it handles the transition, Cisco won’t be as dominant as it has been in the past.

Zetta.net Extends Cloud Backup Reach to Images

18 Aug, 2014

Backup and recovery in the cloud is becoming the means to full disaster recovery that it was always meant to be.

Delete All the Emails

15 Aug, 2014

German carmaker Daimler has a Mail on Holiday email policy, which allows employees to choose to have all incoming email permanently deleted while they are on vacation.

Hardware Failure: Time to Lighten Up a Little?

15 Aug, 2014

Failure is still an issue to be dealt with, but if properly planned for, it no longer has to be a crisis.

Study Spotlights Disconnect Between IT, End Users in Higher-Ed Sector

15 Aug, 2014

The corporate world isn’t the only place where IT and end users aren’t doing a particularly stellar job of collaborating to create optimal IT services for their organizations.

Improve Odds in IT Blame Game

14 Aug, 2014

IT departments that find themselves repeatedly held responsible for the same failures or performance issues are constantly taking steps to improve their position in the blame game.

Learn How to Build Agile Strategies into Your Business Projects

14 Aug, 2014

Companies have begun to embrace the Agile Methodologies for helping their business components become efficient and flexible in their processes.

The Need for a Layered Authentication Approach

14 Aug, 2014

Layered authentication, perhaps with real-time data or a three-factor approach, seems to be a necessity.

Red Hat Pushes a RHEL 6 Upgrade into Beta

14 Aug, 2014

The bulk of Ret Hat customers are still running version 6 of RHEL and it may be awhile before they get around to upgrading to RHEL 7.

Cloud Wars: The Enterprise Strikes Back

13 Aug, 2014

The smart money is on those who can tightly integrate their platforms and services with legacy enterprise infrastructure.

Five Reasons Why You Should Pick an IT Vendor Based on Its Use of Analytics

13 Aug, 2014

Vendors that use analytics to measure and manage customer loyalty will put more resources toward keeping you happy.

First Lesson in the Cloud: You’re Never Truly Ready

12 Aug, 2014

There are many pitfalls on the way to the cloud, and it will be the rare enterprise that doesn’t encounter a fair number of them.

Agile Strategy Management: Techniques for Continuous Alignment and Improvement

12 Aug, 2014

The excerpt from chapter 2 focuses on building the best possible team to perform the strategic initiative the organization has identified as a worthy opportunity.

Companies with More Millennials in Leadership Roles Perform Better, Study Finds

12 Aug, 2014

A recent study shows that companies with more millennials in management roles perform better. Find out what one of its authors thinks this shows.

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