Dell Layoff Numbers Cause Confusion

04 Feb, 2014

A voluntary severance program deadline and layoff rumors are muddying the waters.

Don’t Meet for Meetings’ Sake: Plan an Effective Meeting

03 Feb, 2014

Download the checklist and use the items as a guide to plan your meeting and set your agenda.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s New CEO, by the Numbers

03 Feb, 2014

Assuming Nadella is named, Microsoft will end up a much better company, and it is once again showcasing good business practice.

How to Overcome the Communication Gap Between U.S., H-1B IT Pros

03 Feb, 2014

Language, cultural, pronunciation, and word usage differences can create plenty of misunderstandings.

Cisco Hits Rough Patch in SDN Strategy

30 Jan, 2014

Cisco is the big banana in networking and stands to lose a lot if SDNs replace the proprietary approaches employed to date.

Recurring Revenue Market Disruptions to Continue in 2014

30 Jan, 2014

The trend of companies adopting recurring revenue surged in 2013, with brand names ranging from Adobe and Amazon to Target and Toyota using new billing and pricing models to grow sales and deepen customer loyalty.

Heads Up, CIOs: The Internet of Things Is Headed Your Way

29 Jan, 2014

We'll be hearing even more as the Internet of Things takes center stage in the hype cycle.

Software Startup Partners with Nonprofit to Narrow Tech Gender Gap

29 Jan, 2014

Each time one of its clients makes a hire using the company’s platform, Entelo will fund one year of technology training for a girl in the CodeEd program.

Tips for a Well Run Company: #IBMConnect Day Two, Part 2

29 Jan, 2014

Use these tips to turn a company into a well-oiled machine.

IT’s Priorities on Data Privacy Day

28 Jan, 2014

Rapid data growth poses both a security and a storage challenge to the enterprise, says Iron Mountain's Jay Livens. How is IT balancing the risks?

White-Box Infrastructure: What Does It Mean for the Enterprise?

28 Jan, 2014

After so many years of following vendor leads, the enterprise is in a position to start calling the shots now.

Secrets of a Successful Company and One Unanswered Question: #IBMConnect Day Two

28 Jan, 2014

The second day of the IBM Connect event was chock full of insightful information on how to create a successful company.

Employees Worry About Identity Theft in the Workplace

27 Jan, 2014

It appears that small businesses aren’t taking enough steps to provide protection of employee PII data on company devices.

Are APIs Basically SOA? Three Reasons You Need to Know

24 Jan, 2014

Because of the similarities, many SOA best practices and lessons can be applied to API management.

IBM, Lenovo and the Future of Commodity Infrastructure

24 Jan, 2014

The good news is that the cost of building and maintaining data infrastructure will go down, but it is still unclear whether many of today’s leading platform providers will maintain their status as key players.

IT Spending Expected to Rise in 2014

24 Jan, 2014

On average, IT professionals plan to invest more than $300,000 on IT products and services this year, with 79 percent having larger budgets than in 2013.

VMware Acquires AirWatch for $1.54 Billion

22 Jan, 2014

AirWatch will now become the focal point through which VMware will concentrate its mobile computing strategy.

IBM Makes Massive Enterprise Cloud Move

21 Jan, 2014

So far, IBM appears to be following best practices with SoftLayer and not screwing it up.

Enterprise Technology Markets: Back to the New Normal

21 Jan, 2014

The innovation in enterprise systems will undoubtedly continue, but the volume markets of the past are not likely to return any time soon.

How an Introvert Techie from India Mastered Public Speaking in the U.S.

21 Jan, 2014

One man takes himself from introverted tech professional to world champion public speaker and tells his tale in a new book.

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