HP and EMC: A Sign of the Times?

23 Sep, 2014

Is this our economic system at work, weeding out inefficiencies in business models that are about to be out-classed by changing times anyway?

Can a Job Hopper Be a Good IT Talent Investment?

23 Sep, 2014

Recent research suggests that having a history of job-hopping doesn’t necessarily mean that a candidate would be a bad hire.

HP Raises Software-Defined Infrastructure Bar

23 Sep, 2014

HP is clearly trying to leverage its position as the only IT vendor that sells both servers and storage systems it designs.

SBA Finds SMBs, Public Oppose Proposed Safe Harbor Policy

22 Sep, 2014

The Safe Harbor policy may save large companies from paying huge fines, but it could cause small businesses to lose out on contracts worth billions.

What Is Unified Communications Today?

22 Sep, 2014

Changes in technology and the workforce that uses unified communications make it hard to pin down.

Basho Revamps Riak NoSQL Database

22 Sep, 2014

Many organizations are opting to run Big Data applications on NoSQL databases that are designed to support them.

Dropbox Evolving into Cloud Application Platform

22 Sep, 2014

Dropbox has emerged as not just a mechanism for sharing files but, increasingly, a platform for developing cloud applications.

FireLayers Unfurls Cloud Application Security Gateway

22 Sep, 2014

Allows IT organizations to make use of a service that eliminates the need to route every request to access an application through an appliance installed on their premises.

Fifty Start-Ups Disrupting Their Industries

22 Sep, 2014

Dell recently announced the new Founders 50 Fall 2014 cohort, which for the first time includes a global contingent representing five countries – the U.S., UK, Canada, France and the Netherlands.

DCOS: Turning the Data Center into a PC

19 Sep, 2014

It’s a good bet that the coming year will see some major advances in DCOS and a dramatic rethinking of how the data center fits within the overall data environment.

Tips on Negotiating IT Equipment and Software Contracts

18 Sep, 2014

Negotiation is a skill that anyone can master. Even managing IT vendor agreements can become a task that is less feared and more often a success.

Qualcomm Uplinq 2014: Redefining the Near-Term Future

18 Sep, 2014

Qualcomm sees tablets and desktop computing as up-scaled smartphones, and presented some interesting mobile ideas at Uplinq.

Seven Symptoms of Bad Meetings and What You Can Do About Them

18 Sep, 2014

One topic that everyone can agree on is this: Meetings are often a waste of time and money. Here are some symptoms of bad meetings, and what you can do to fix them.

Blue Jeans Network Gives IT Visibility into Videoconferencing

18 Sep, 2014

Blue Jeans Command Center gives IT organizations access to a dashboard and real-time metrics that can be used to troubleshoot performance issues.

Holographs, Liquid-State and DNA: The Future of Data Storage

17 Sep, 2014

Data storage has evolved since the IBM punch card in 1928. Datastickies, DNA storage and helium drives are just some of the possibilities for the future of data storage.

BYOA Advantages and Challenges Similar BYOD

17 Sep, 2014

BYOD is more evolved than Bring Your Own Application which, in turn, is ahead of Build Your Own Application.

IBM Moves to Take the Analytics Market with Watson

17 Sep, 2014

An analytics tool that isn’t easy will likely not be used and a tool that isn’t used is a waste of money.

Five Ways Unified Communications Keeps Pace with Your Business

16 Sep, 2014

With the appropriate planning and right solution, a communications system can deliver powerful, customer-centric functionality with the flexibility needed to keep up with change.

Data Start-ups Promise Businesses Better Data by Giving Power to the People

16 Sep, 2014

The premise is simple: The data belongs to individuals, so individuals are (among) the ones who should profit from it.

Does PaaS Have a Future in the Cloud?

16 Sep, 2014

PaaS is generally viewed as a dev/ops environment because it offers a flexible, virtual platform that can be created, shared and dismissed with relative ease.

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