ExtraHop Publishes Open API for Network Analytics Platform

30 Sep, 2014

Providers of IT management tools of any type will find themselves on the wrong side of history if they fail to open their APIs.

Should Google and Apple Take Themselves Out of the Encryption Equation?

29 Sep, 2014

The government is sounding warnings about Apple’s and Google’s plans to change the way encryption is employed on their devices.

Detailed Guide Provides At-A-Glance Excel 2013 Help

29 Sep, 2014

To help end users stay on track with Excel, use this Microsoft Excel 2013 Cheat Sheet, filled with tips, tricks, and screenshots.

A Guide to the Different Varieties of Flash Technology

29 Sep, 2014

Each variety of flash has its own set of nuances, pros and cons based on its configuration within the hardware and pre-destined performance when manufactured.

Alpha Software Reduces Mobile Application Costs

29 Sep, 2014

The Alpha Anywhere 3.0 upgrade is aimed primarily at addressing the needs of developers working inside enterprise IT organizations.

HP Lands Project Moonshot Micro Servers Using ARM Processors

29 Sep, 2014

While HP is not the only vendor building micro servers, HP has clearly made developing this class of servers a much greater priority.

Lenovo and IBM: A New Partnership for Tomorrow

29 Sep, 2014

This sale and acquisition follows an unusually well-tested path that was uniquely already blazed by both firms, pointing toward success.

Another Foreign Female Tech Entrepreneur Succeeds ‘Against All Odds’

29 Sep, 2014

Born in India, residing in Singapore, Redicka Subrammanian has brought her tech company's customer engagement services to the U.S.

Big Data Is Bigger in North America

26 Sep, 2014

While Big Data experienced international growth last year, North America led with a 9.2 percent jump in the past year.

Half of Earth to Have Broadband by 2017

26 Sep, 2014

News this week included numbers on worldwide broadband reach, public-private funding in Massachusetts, a debate over a 5G deadline and detecting drivers who are texting.

IncrediBuild Uses Process Virtualization to Accelerate Application Development

26 Sep, 2014

The level of agile development that can be achieved is always going to be limited by the speed at which the IT operations team can provision compute resources.

Amazon to Hire for IoT, Connected Device Lab

25 Sep, 2014

Projections of the growth in the Internet of Things and home-based connected devices have Amazon energized.

iPhone 6 vs. BlackBerry Passport: The Difference Is Fascinating

25 Sep, 2014

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all market. It never really was, despite Apple’s hope that it could convince us otherwise.

Enterprises Must Prepare for 802.11ac

25 Sep, 2014

Organizations must deal with a sizeable legacy infrastructure, among other steps.

BMC Looks to Drive Mainframe Costs Lower

24 Sep, 2014

BMC Subsystem Optimizer Software for zEnterprise mainframes allows IT to run DB2, IMS and CICS on separate logical partitions (LPARs).

iOS 8 Catching Up After a Slow Start

24 Sep, 2014

The iOS 8 introduction got somewhat lost in the iPhone headlines.

Analytics, BI, AI and Bad Information

24 Sep, 2014

Most BI systems have bias built in at the front end. This problem is translating into analytics products that don’t work and AI systems that can’t be right.

The Top 10 Organizations and Resources for Information Governance

23 Sep, 2014

Information governance has long been viewed as essential for global companies that handle large amounts of sensitive data, and it continues to become much more mission critical each day.

Startup Takes Aggressive Stance on Raising Developer Salaries

23 Sep, 2014

Superstar-style salaries and, perhaps more importantly, transparency in compensation, are trends to watch for developers in Silicon Valley.

HP and EMC: A Sign of the Times?

23 Sep, 2014

Is this our economic system at work, weeding out inefficiencies in business models that are about to be out-classed by changing times anyway?

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