VCE Evolves to Add More Flexibility

06 Oct, 2014

Given that Vblocks are already praised because they can do almost anything asked of them, the fact that they could be even more flexible is actually kind of amazing.

Exabeam Applies Big Data Analytics to Security

06 Oct, 2014

Exabeam is specifically designed to track user behavior, and detect and qualify threats not normally recognized by a SIEM.

Should You Succumb to the Allure of Joining a High-Tech Startup?

06 Oct, 2014

A director from a successful executive search firm gives insight into the pros and cons of considering jumping into a startup company.

LinkedIn on the Value of Alumni

03 Oct, 2014

This week, LinkedIn made news with its new University Ranking system, and Chairman Reid Hoffman discussed the value of a company's ex-employees, or alumni.

At Deadline, Verizon Wireless Backs Down on Cap Policy

03 Oct, 2014

News this week included work on 5G, growing IT budgets, a change of mind for Verizon, health care device security and new ideas in wearables.

Government IT Consolidation: A Project Long Overdue

03 Oct, 2014

The largest employer in the world has had to build and maintain digital infrastructure of gargantuan size in order to keep all those people connected.

Networking: United We Fall, Divided We Stand

02 Oct, 2014

Savvy segregation of traffic is an important step in disaster recovery, business continuity and security.

How to Implement a Successful Customer Experience Program

02 Oct, 2014

Sound implementation and the ability to harness all the opportunity of "getting it right" requires a measured approach with interim checkpoints to achieve the benefits that we are hoping for. It requires a roadmap.

Why Your CMO Worries About Data Integration

02 Oct, 2014

A survey by Teradata found that in the move toward more "digital marketing," customer satisfaction is the goal and data integration is the barrier.

Presentation Skills Linked to Career Success, Survey Finds

02 Oct, 2014

A study revealed that nearly 10 percent of workers would call in sick to get out of a presentation, even though presentations are considered critical to career success.

Who Will Be Held Responsible for Personal Info Breaches

01 Oct, 2014

What happens with customers in the aftermath of a breach can often be hard to discern, so surveys like this one help companies predict behavior.

The Open Payments Controversy: A Case Study in Open Data Problems

01 Oct, 2014

The controversial release of the Open Payments database as part of the ACA is at issue for both what the data may show and how it is shown.

DOCSIS 3.1: Nothing Like a Little Competition to Speed Innovation

01 Oct, 2014

Cable operators are rushing to market with DOCSIS 3.1, which they are confident will extend the life of HFC for many years.

Infosys CEO Pledges to Work Closely with Oracle

01 Oct, 2014

CEO Sikka says the next big IT goal is to build a modular approach to creating connected systems.

Building Your Next Data Center with 25GbE

30 Sep, 2014

Given the maturity in development of 25 Gb/s signaling to enable 100 GbE, industry forces are driving toward 25 GbE as the next high-volume deployment for servers.

Reality Threatens the Internet of Things Dream

30 Sep, 2014

Much of the coverage of the Internet of Things so far has been dreamy and idealistic.

The New Windows 10: The Enterprise and Users Should Love It

30 Sep, 2014

This will likely be the biggest launch that Microsoft has ever done because it encompasses phones, tablets and PCs, and it will be the initial signature product for Microsoft’s new CEO.

Why It’s Dangerous to Leave Business Experts Out of Predictive Analytics Projects

30 Sep, 2014

Predictive analytics often suffers from an age-old issue: lack of alignment between IT and the business divisions who rely on such analytics.

ExtraHop Publishes Open API for Network Analytics Platform

30 Sep, 2014

Providers of IT management tools of any type will find themselves on the wrong side of history if they fail to open their APIs.

Should Google and Apple Take Themselves Out of the Encryption Equation?

29 Sep, 2014

The government is sounding warnings about Apple’s and Google’s plans to change the way encryption is employed on their devices.

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