Why Security Needs to Automate, Too

15 Feb, 2019

The same tools being used to augment the development and operations side of the house can also be applied to automation in security.

Laying the Groundwork for Modern IT Automation

13 Feb, 2019

By identifying what they want to automate first, most enterprises should be able to create an implementation plan that is both effective and non-disruptive.

When RPA Meets the Enterprise

11 Feb, 2019

Expectations are that RPA will take the enterprise by storm in the next few years, but this will only happen once the executive suite is convinced they will be a help, not a hindrance.

On Track to a Fully Automated Enterprise

08 Feb, 2019

With AaaS, organizations gain the same benefits as with any as-a-Service deployment: low upfront starting costs, broad scalability, and continuous upgrades to the newest versions of software.

Now Comes the Hard Part of Cloud Computing

07 Feb, 2019

Given all the complexities involved, it is little wonder that so many organizations have found moving to the cloud a much bigger challenge than they might have originally anticipated.

Legacy Systems and Data Management Issues Hinder Digital Business Transformation

05 Feb, 2019

Business and IT leaders are discovering that data management and the rigidity of existing legacy systems make it difficult to achieve digital business transformation goals.

Marconi Employs Blockchain Technologies to Create Network Overlay

31 Jan, 2019

The Developer Test Network provides developers with a sandbox where they can develop applications on top of a network overlay based on the Marconi Protocol.

Top Mobile Application Management (MAM) Tools for the Enterprise in 2019

31 Jan, 2019

In some cases, mobile application management functionality is delivered in standalone MAM platforms. In others, it comes as a module in a broader suite of services. In either case, the tasks MAM performs are vital.

The Most Troubling Part of the FTC Case Against Qualcomm

31 Jan, 2019

Attending the final hours of this FTC trial raised several serious and troubling questions about this proceeding and future ones among tech companies and government agencies.

Mobile Application Management and the Enterprise

31 Jan, 2019

Mobile application management (MAM) focuses on supporting what is sent to and resides on the mobile device. Enterprises rely on MAM for a balance of security and functionality.

What's in Store for Mobile Enterprise Security in 2019

31 Jan, 2019

How is 2019 shaping up? Not surprisingly, it is destined to present a characteristically scary array of potential problems in mobile enterprise security.

CRM Database: How to Leverage Customer Data to Grow Revenue and Increase Sales

30 Jan, 2019

The core element of any business application is data. Better data produces better results, and this is particularly relevant when it comes to critical functions like customer relationship management (CRM) and the underlying database.

7 Greatest Benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software in 2019

30 Jan, 2019

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is quickly evolving from a valuable piece of software to a core function of the enterprise regardless of size or business model. The reason is simple: Businesses live and die by their customers.

5G in 2019: Are We There Yet and Will It Be Secure?

29 Jan, 2019

5G will likely be a powerful asset to business operations, but is your security going to be able to keep up with it?

Cinnamon AI Employs Machine Learning Algorithm to Digitally Convert Documents

29 Jan, 2019

Converting documents into a digital format has become a much bigger concern as organizations invest in the development of various types of AI models to automate business processes.

Mobile Workers Will Begin Gaining 5G Access in 2019

25 Jan, 2019

Consumers and enterprises have been hearing a lot about 5G for a few years. The development curve has accelerated.

Linux Foundation Readies Hyperledger Fabric for Enterprise-Class Blockchain Apps

25 Jan, 2019

The Linux Foundation has released the first long-term support version of the Hyperledger Fabric framework along with a Hyperledger Grid reference architecture designed to make it simpler to build supply chain apps.

Supply Chain Security to Become a Higher Priority in 2019

24 Jan, 2019

Blockchain will transform the supply chain in 2019.

Qualcomm vs. FTC, Apple and Intel: Deceptions and Misdirection

24 Jan, 2019

The FTC got involved in litigation at the request of Apple and Intel, which could backfire on them. The effect on Qualcomm and the smartphone market may not be what they intended.

Experts Predict How We Will Approach Data Privacy in 2019

21 Jan, 2019

What do experts think will happen in 2019 when it comes to data privacy?

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