The Next Evolution of Ransomware Attacks

22 Feb, 2017

We will see shifts in ransomware, including how attackers will target victims, who they’ll target, and the role IoT will play in ransomware, both as an attack vector and attack target.

Intel Makes Case for Turnkey IoT Appliances

21 Feb, 2017

Intel aims to accelerate IoT adoption by making it affordable for organizations to deploy a turnkey endpoint with built-in sensor and networking technologies.

Slow Progress Toward IoT Standardization

17 Feb, 2017

If the IoT is going to get off the ground at all, the data community as a whole needs to come up with some pretty powerful standards, and quick.

Oracle Dives into IoT as a Service

14 Feb, 2017

Adoption of IoT applications as a service is being driven primarily by line of business executives trying to address specific needs as quickly as possible.

CableLabs Toys with Coherent Optics

10 Feb, 2017

News this week included coherent optics, IoT Security Group, virtualized networks and 5G tests.

SAP Outlines Cloud Application Strategy

09 Feb, 2017

To drive more adoption of its cloud service, SAP is now committing to delivering quarterly updates to its ERP cloud service, as well as several other updates.

Steps Toward Taking the IoT Truly Global

09 Feb, 2017

In addition to sheer numbers, the IoT must go everywhere. This includes the gaps between coverage in rural areas, unsettled areas, and over the seven oceans (and assorted seas, rivers and lakes) of the world.

Internet of Things Security a Serious Problem But Help Is on the Way

06 Feb, 2017

The fear about IoT security is that elements are being rushed out quickly before security technology is baked in.

With the Internet of Things Comes a Rise in DDoS Attacks

25 Jan, 2017

As long as IoT devices remain vulnerable, we must expect to see the rise in DDoS attacks. And we’ll see more because they are so effective in getting attention when they do happen to a major organization.

NVIDIA Could Be Kingmaker as Linux, BlackBerry, Microsoft Battle for the Connected Car

20 Jan, 2017

We are waiting for the same kind of moment that Microsoft and IBM made when they partnered on DOS and the modern PC was born, to define the self-driving car segment.

IoT Devices Vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks

19 Jan, 2017

As connected devices increase in popularity, they become a more attractive target to hackers and cybercriminals, and since cybercriminals are turning to ransomware as their attack of choice, we have to anticipate that the bad guys will use it for IoT attacks.

IoT’s Growing Pains Put Devices at Risk for Ransomware

18 Jan, 2017

The IoT is so at risk for ransomware because of three particular areas: the growth (and growing pains) of IoT, the evolution of ransomware, and end users who aren’t aware of the risks.

Intel Outlines Ambitions for Transforming Retail

17 Jan, 2017

The Intel Responsive Retail Platform (RRP) is an effort by Intel to create what amounts to a reference architecture for Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the retail sector.

St. Jude Cardiac Device Software Flaws Highlight Risks of IoT

13 Jan, 2017

Medical devices present unique situations because attacking them is literally a matter of life and death. But they are still IoT devices, and that opens them to other types of cybersecurity attacks.

SAP Aims to Jumpstart IoT Projects

13 Jan, 2017

SAP's stated goal is to get organizations down the IoT path faster via a three-month engagement based on a fixed promotional price encompassing both SAP products and services.

BeyondTrust Makes Free IoT Vulnerability Scanner Service Available

11 Jan, 2017

The Retina IoT (RIoT) Scanner is based on the same technology that BeyondTrust developed to identify vulnerabilities across the rest of the enterprise.

AT&T: Meeting Its Software-Enablement Goal a Virtual Certainty

06 Jan, 2017

News this week included AT&T's software-enabled network progress, a reward for IoT security, and HDMI 2.1 at CES.

Micro Data Centers: Keys to a Connected Enterprise

03 Jan, 2017

The micro data center is by no means intended to replace enterprise or even cloud-based infrastructure, but will serve more as an adjunct to legacy facilities to service the unique data needs of the connected world.

IoT OSes Face Dueling Requirements

23 Dec, 2016

The world of operating systems and the IoT has contradictory priorities: Enable the endpoint to do its job, provide strong security, and consume a minimum of power and memory resources.

Experts: Internet of Things Security Will Affect 2017 in Many Ways

22 Dec, 2016

Security professionals explain why IoT security is going to affect all of us in 2017, both professionally and personally. Will industry and manufacturers step up to the security challenge?

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