Google Unfurls IoT Cloud Platform

17 May, 2017

While Google might be a distant third when it comes to public clouds today, the rise of IoT applications may very well represent a new greenfield opportunity for Google to narrow that gap considerably.

FCC Okays Charter Application to Test 5G in Florida

12 May, 2017

Charter asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to test in the 27.5 GHz to 28.35 GHz spectrum. Approval was granted yesterday.

VMware Aims to Extend Reach Out to IoT

12 May, 2017

IT vendors clearly view the IoT as the next great opportunity to extend their footprint. Competition across what can only be described as a nascent category is already fierce.

Everynet’s Over the Air IoT Firmware Updates Solves a Tricky Problem

05 May, 2017

The Everynet approach only sends the difference between the old and new versions of the IoT firmware and uses an aggressive compression algorithm to squeeze what is being sent.

Key Elements for Success in the IoT

02 May, 2017

As with most technology initiatives in their nascent phase, there are undoubtedly a million ways to get the IoT wrong and only a few ways to get it right.

Is the Hajime Botnet Friend or Foe?

01 May, 2017

Nobody is sure if the new ioT botnet entrant, Hajime, aims at causing destruction or at preventing Mirai and other botnets from doing so.

The Reality of an Intelligent IoT

25 Apr, 2017

Ultimately, intelligent systems will provide entirely new levels of data utilization and service delivery, but experts caution that nothing is fool-proof.

Linux Foundation Advances IoT Interoperability

24 Apr, 2017

As IoT standards and open source software mature, the level of IoT interoperability should not only increase, but the total cost of deploying an IoT project should begin to substantially drop as well.

Power Trio: AI, Big Data and the IoT

19 Apr, 2017

The IoT and artificial intelligence, often supported by Big Data, will combine, overlap and in other ways systematically drive telecommunications and enterprise IT forward during the coming years.

The Edge, or an Entirely New Form of IT?

17 Apr, 2017

In many ways, the IoT edge will incorporate some of the most challenging data infrastructure and architecture to date.

No Digital Transformation Without Big Data

12 Apr, 2017

Questions remain as to how Big Data will influence future business processes and what steps to take now to ensure it provides optimal support in a fast-changing economy.

What Is the Proper Level of Standardization for the IoT?

04 Apr, 2017

It’s a safe bet that few people are looking forward to a universally interoperable IoT, which would literally have the potential to harness the entire world economy under a single, globally distributed computer brain.

Is the IoT Ready for a Services Model?

28 Mar, 2017

It’s reasonable to expect that the IoT will embrace service-level operations in line with other areas of the enterprise data stack: Solutions that work will rise to the top while those that fail will die quietly.

Senate Moves to Roll Back Privacy Rules

24 Mar, 2017

ISPs want to be able to sell personal user data and are two steps away from having that happen: passage by the House of Representatives and President Trump’s signature.

Bsquare Looks to Jumpstart IoT Application Deployments

21 Mar, 2017

Bsquare announced a suite of applications to manage IoT endpoints that can be deployed on either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Make the IoT

15 Mar, 2017

The enterprise is focused on putting IoT infrastructure in place and getting it to function in a reasonably cohesive fashion. But it won’t be long before data volumes mount and the pressure will be on.

Verizon’s Data Breach Digest Uses Case Studies as Security Response Teaching Tools

14 Mar, 2017

The Verizon Data Breach Digest highlights 16 case studies based on real-world data breach response activities and the lessons learned by the Verizon RISK Team.

MapR Pushes Analytics Out to the IoT Edge

14 Mar, 2017

MapR Edge makes it possible to deploy an instance of a converged data platform based on a distribution of Hadoop at the edge of the IoT network.

CIA Breach Shows Lack of Security in IoT

09 Mar, 2017

We must discuss the ramification to businesses and their employees and customers: the IoT security risks.

The Goal for Category M1: Let the IoT Be All It Can Be

09 Mar, 2017

The IoT involves virtually endless applications that require very little data to be transmitted. This huge class of applications will often be supported by LTE Category M1 (LTE-M).

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