Bsquare Looks to Jumpstart IoT Application Deployments

21 Mar, 2017

Bsquare announced a suite of applications to manage IoT endpoints that can be deployed on either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Make the IoT

15 Mar, 2017

The enterprise is focused on putting IoT infrastructure in place and getting it to function in a reasonably cohesive fashion. But it won’t be long before data volumes mount and the pressure will be on.

Verizon’s Data Breach Digest Uses Case Studies as Security Response Teaching Tools

14 Mar, 2017

The Verizon Data Breach Digest highlights 16 case studies based on real-world data breach response activities and the lessons learned by the Verizon RISK Team.

MapR Pushes Analytics Out to the IoT Edge

14 Mar, 2017

MapR Edge makes it possible to deploy an instance of a converged data platform based on a distribution of Hadoop at the edge of the IoT network.

CIA Breach Shows Lack of Security in IoT

09 Mar, 2017

We must discuss the ramification to businesses and their employees and customers: the IoT security risks.

The Goal for Category M1: Let the IoT Be All It Can Be

09 Mar, 2017

The IoT involves virtually endless applications that require very little data to be transmitted. This huge class of applications will often be supported by LTE Category M1 (LTE-M).

Cisco Makes Progress on NB-IoT Networking

28 Feb, 2017

By 2023, Cisco is forecasting there will be over three billion devices connected to the Internet via NB-IoT.

Dell Strengthens IoT Gateway Portolio

27 Feb, 2017

Dell is making the case for a standardized series of gateways based on Intel Atom processors that in turn connect to multiple sensors. Dell is building a family of gateways that enable organizations to handle varying classes of IoT workloads.

Robotic Process Automation Takes on the Data Challenge

23 Feb, 2017

Whatever the details, RPA as a category is expanding rapidly, and possibly freeing humans for more sophisticated jobs.

Customizing LTE for the IoT

22 Feb, 2017

IoT networks are unique in that they will be worldwide and be required to function in areas, such as deserts and oceans, in which no established network exists. They will also have stringent power requirements.

The Next Evolution of Ransomware Attacks

22 Feb, 2017

We will see shifts in ransomware, including how attackers will target victims, who they’ll target, and the role IoT will play in ransomware, both as an attack vector and attack target.

Intel Makes Case for Turnkey IoT Appliances

21 Feb, 2017

Intel aims to accelerate IoT adoption by making it affordable for organizations to deploy a turnkey endpoint with built-in sensor and networking technologies.

Slow Progress Toward IoT Standardization

17 Feb, 2017

If the IoT is going to get off the ground at all, the data community as a whole needs to come up with some pretty powerful standards, and quick.

Oracle Dives into IoT as a Service

14 Feb, 2017

Adoption of IoT applications as a service is being driven primarily by line of business executives trying to address specific needs as quickly as possible.

CableLabs Toys with Coherent Optics

10 Feb, 2017

News this week included coherent optics, IoT Security Group, virtualized networks and 5G tests.

SAP Outlines Cloud Application Strategy

09 Feb, 2017

To drive more adoption of its cloud service, SAP is now committing to delivering quarterly updates to its ERP cloud service, as well as several other updates.

Steps Toward Taking the IoT Truly Global

09 Feb, 2017

In addition to sheer numbers, the IoT must go everywhere. This includes the gaps between coverage in rural areas, unsettled areas, and over the seven oceans (and assorted seas, rivers and lakes) of the world.

Internet of Things Security a Serious Problem But Help Is on the Way

06 Feb, 2017

The fear about IoT security is that elements are being rushed out quickly before security technology is baked in.

With the Internet of Things Comes a Rise in DDoS Attacks

25 Jan, 2017

As long as IoT devices remain vulnerable, we must expect to see the rise in DDoS attacks. And we’ll see more because they are so effective in getting attention when they do happen to a major organization.

NVIDIA Could Be Kingmaker as Linux, BlackBerry, Microsoft Battle for the Connected Car

20 Jan, 2017

We are waiting for the same kind of moment that Microsoft and IBM made when they partnered on DOS and the modern PC was born, to define the self-driving car segment.

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