IoT Orchestration Coming, But Slowly

17 Jul, 2017

Interoperability is a good first step toward full orchestration, but it will take a lot more industry cooperation to produce the internet-like level of connectivity that is required for a properly functioning Internet of Things.

Ubiquitous Low-Power Networks Up the IoT Ante

05 Jul, 2017

The introduction of IoT functionality on ubiquitous low-power networks suggests that whatever challenges existed before soon will be multiplied.

Real-Time IoT: When Simply Fast Isn’t Good Enough

04 Jul, 2017

With a real-time IoT infrastructure in place, the enterprise has a handle on not just what is happening now, but is likely to happen in the near future.

Over 70 Percent of IoT Efforts Are Failing: The Fix Seems Surprisingly Easy

28 Jun, 2017

With the IoT in particular, really understanding the problem you are trying to solve and simplifying the effort at the front end would likely have a bigger initial positive impact.

Visibility, the Key to a Functional IoT

27 Jun, 2017

Visibility is likely to remain a top challenge for the IoT, if only because so much of the emerging infrastructure will be beyond the enterprise’s direct control.

Nothing Small or Easy About Smart Cities

19 Jun, 2017

Smart cities are the ultimate emerging platform in ways both good and bad. Positives include healthier and happier citizens, more efficient and environmentally responsible communities, and better services to attract and support businesses.

Facing the Realities of IoT Deployment

14 Jun, 2017

For those tasked with implementing the infrastructure and architecture to make the IoT happen, the conversation is starting to veer toward more practical concerns.

Traffic Management Systems for Drones Assessed in Utah

09 Jun, 2017

It seems clear at this point that the future will involve large numbers of drones buzzing around. They will be taking video of the inside of a burning house to assess the situation here, delivering a package there. The priority, of course, is to perform all these tasks safely and efficiently.

IoT Security: Even Worse Than You Think

07 Jun, 2017

Two surveys and a government study released in recent weeks show just how serious the Internet of Things (IoT) security situation is.

Adoption of SD-WANs Accelerates

02 Jun, 2017

Cato Networks found that 10 percent of 350 IT professionals responding reported that their organizations already have SD-WAN deployed.

VMware Aligns with Samsung on IoT

30 May, 2017

Given its current dominance of the data center, VMware clearly likes its chances when it comes to extending the reach of software-defined infrastructure as far out to the IoT edge as possible.

Ransomware Spiked Even Before WannaCry

26 May, 2017

Ransomware, a threat that has been in the news in recent weeks, grew aggressively during the first quarter of the year, according to Kaspersky Lab.

Cisco Extends Security Reach Out to the IoT Gateway

26 May, 2017

Cisco expects there will be 50 billion devices connected to IoT gateways by 2020. A huge percentage of those IoT devices are not able to defend themselves.

IoT Standards Battle Heating Up

23 May, 2017

At the end of the day, settling on one standard or finding a way for IoT networks that use different standards to work together seamlessly is a very important challenge that has not yet been met.

IoT Likely to Be Full of Silos, at First

17 May, 2017

Internet of Things (IoT) management platforms are hitting the channel at a rapid clip this year, all promising to ramp up the enterprise’s data collection and device connectivity challenges.

Google Unfurls IoT Cloud Platform

17 May, 2017

While Google might be a distant third when it comes to public clouds today, the rise of IoT applications may very well represent a new greenfield opportunity for Google to narrow that gap considerably.

FCC Okays Charter Application to Test 5G in Florida

12 May, 2017

Charter asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to test in the 27.5 GHz to 28.35 GHz spectrum. Approval was granted yesterday.

VMware Aims to Extend Reach Out to IoT

12 May, 2017

IT vendors clearly view the IoT as the next great opportunity to extend their footprint. Competition across what can only be described as a nascent category is already fierce.

Everynet’s Over the Air IoT Firmware Updates Solves a Tricky Problem

05 May, 2017

The Everynet approach only sends the difference between the old and new versions of the IoT firmware and uses an aggressive compression algorithm to squeeze what is being sent.

Key Elements for Success in the IoT

02 May, 2017

As with most technology initiatives in their nascent phase, there are undoubtedly a million ways to get the IoT wrong and only a few ways to get it right.

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