On the Road with Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

08 Nov, 2013

Among the news for this week is a survey on health care mobility devices, V2V technology, and Samsung's work with foldable phone screens.

Accenture Sees PLM Driven by Internet of Things

08 Nov, 2013

As technology becomes imbedded in more products, the complexity of data needs to be managed. Accenture sees product lifecycle management as a big necessity.

Business Leaders Say Yes to Internet of Things

07 Nov, 2013

A new survey shows that businesses expect to use the Internet of Things in the near future, but many have yet to make an investment in infrastructure or tools.

Wi-Fi Bandwidth: A Lot to Like About Share and Share Alike

06 Nov, 2013

A popular European system of sharing Wi-Fi is picking up speed in the United States thanks to several companies like Comcast and Fon.

Cisco, ARM: The Internet of Things Is a Big Deal

30 Oct, 2013

Both Cisco and ARM have given the Internet of Things great thought. IoT may be big tomorrow, so don't get left behind.

Enterprise M2M: Time to Bow Down to Our New Digital Overlords?

21 Oct, 2013

The key is not to simply let machines run amok, but to ensure that M2M interactions take place within a well-defined framework.

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014

18 Oct, 2013

Ten strategic technologies that have the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years.

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