Don't Let CES Tech Bring You Down

16 Jan, 2014

Here are eight steps your organization can take to make sure it's not brought down by all the new gadgets attaching to your network.

M-Commerce Getting a Push from SMBs

15 Jan, 2014

SMBs can usually move faster and in a more agile fashion, and because of this, they are now helping push the innovation of mobile commerce technologies.

The Internet of Things Will Change Everything

14 Jan, 2014

Google's purchase of Nest brings about questions of the future for the Internet of Things.

Sumo Logic Sees IoT Driving SIEM into the Cloud in 2014

14 Jan, 2014

Sumo Logic has introduced SIEM software for AWS that can efficiently aggregate and analyze machine data in the cloud.

Is IBM Watson Struggling?

08 Jan, 2014

IBM recently launched efforts to monetize the use of IBM Watson, but analysts speculate whether these efforts are faltering.

Five Predictions for the Connected Enterprise in 2014

02 Jan, 2014

Organizations are beginning to understand how they can harness the power of the connected enterprise to increase productivity and innovation.

Splunk Digs Into the Year of the Big Data Application

02 Jan, 2014

This year will be the one in which businesses discover the applications that turn all that data into something of business value.

The Very Important and Very Immature Smart Home Segment

24 Dec, 2013

The smart home segment has experienced strong growth, but the market is still not quite solid nor mature enough to predict its success.

Robotics: Humans Need Not Apply

19 Dec, 2013

The future of robotics is here, and these robots replace something that most folks intuitively feel wouldn’t be replaceable - human interaction.

How the Internet of Things Will Change Our Lives

12 Dec, 2013

The Internet of Things (IoT) is like the air: It is so ubiquitous that it tends to be overlooked. But the reality of the IoT, and the machine-to-machine (M2M) sensors that are its heart and soul, is that it is transforming much of what we do and how we do it.

Five of the World’s Most Innovative Corporate Labs

06 Dec, 2013

Businesses have been building incubators and innovation-focused research labs for a long time, but tech companies have taken it to a whole new level.

Security Remains a Big Issue for the Smart Grid

02 Dec, 2013

Smart grids are already not well defended, and advancements like Distributed Energy Resources make the situation more precarious.

Plenty of Offerings Vie to Control Home Networks

26 Nov, 2013

The need for people to control home electronics from a centralized source is obvious, and several businesses are trying to fill that role.

The Time Is Ripe for Smart Cities

25 Nov, 2013

Although they haven't been in the news much, smart cities are growing all around the globe. Such cities represent leaps in technologies for everyone.

AMD’s Big Play: Heterogeneous Computing

15 Nov, 2013

AMD is riding the wave into the next technology market with its play in heterogeneous computing.

On the Road with Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

08 Nov, 2013

Among the news for this week is a survey on health care mobility devices, V2V technology, and Samsung's work with foldable phone screens.

Accenture Sees PLM Driven by Internet of Things

08 Nov, 2013

As technology becomes imbedded in more products, the complexity of data needs to be managed. Accenture sees product lifecycle management as a big necessity.

Business Leaders Say Yes to Internet of Things

07 Nov, 2013

A new survey shows that businesses expect to use the Internet of Things in the near future, but many have yet to make an investment in infrastructure or tools.

Wi-Fi Bandwidth: A Lot to Like About Share and Share Alike

06 Nov, 2013

A popular European system of sharing Wi-Fi is picking up speed in the United States thanks to several companies like Comcast and Fon.

Cisco, ARM: The Internet of Things Is a Big Deal

30 Oct, 2013

Both Cisco and ARM have given the Internet of Things great thought. IoT may be big tomorrow, so don't get left behind.

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