The Real Meaning of Digital Transformation

31 Oct, 2017

The bottom line is that digital transformation is a human, not technical, challenge. In many cases, it is scary.

Putting the IoT to Work Via Device Twins

30 Oct, 2017

Device twins are a natural outgrowth of the explosion in IoT technology.

Bringing Structure to Unstructured Data

27 Oct, 2017

It turns out that the biggest hurdle blocking digital transformation is how to manage all of the unstructured data that these fast-moving applications are expected to generate.

The IIoT: Limitless Potential and Steep Challenges

23 Oct, 2017

The Industrial Internet of Things is a huge step for commercial, industrial and other complex and dense environments. The challenges are real and substantial, but the progress toward implementation seems steady.

IIoT Gaining Momentum in Adoption and Results

19 Oct, 2017

Cost reduction has been the main driver of IIoT adoption. Other contributors are the emergence of ancillary and complementary technologies, including low-power hardware devices, the cloud, Big Data analytics, robotics and automation and smart sensors.

DoJ Could Nix a Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

13 Oct, 2017

T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth largest wireless companies, have been discussing merging for a long time. Those talks have heated up recently.

AeroFarms: The Most Interesting Dell IoT Example

13 Oct, 2017

AeroFarms likely highlights best the kind of potential for the IoT effort that Dell Technologies is trying to roll out.

Hello Edge, Goodbye Cloud?

13 Oct, 2017

Projections of the demise of the cloud due to a rising IoT are in the same tradition of numerous other calls for technological obsolescence, from the mainframe to the PC to disk storage.

Dell’s IQT Day: Driving the Next Industrial Revolution at Frightening Speed

10 Oct, 2017

The amount of resources Dell is focusing on this IoT effort is unprecedented in the space and it is becoming a showcase for Dell Technologies the company.

Salesforce Feeds IoT Data into CRM Application

10 Oct, 2017

Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition builds on the cloud platform Salesforce previously announced to aggregate and analyze data. Now that data can be fed into an instance of Salesforce CRM.

Data Integration and the IoT

09 Oct, 2017

Data integration must be built into IoT environments as a core capability, a challenge that many organizations are still struggling with in their legacy environments.

Intel Aims to Simplify Provisioning and Authentication of IoT Devices

09 Oct, 2017

Intel Secure Device Onboard, SDO, is zero-touch software that developers can employ to programmatically provision devices attached to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Taking Stock of IoT Hardware Requirements

06 Oct, 2017

IoT infrastructure is likely to go through several permutations before it settles into the enterprise mainstream.

Doubt Lingers over the IoT

02 Oct, 2017

The hard numbers for the IoT that the suits are waiting for could very well materialize on the balance sheets of the upstart that has just thrown the existing business model into the trash bin.

Charter Agrees to $13M Fine Related to Time Warner Acquisition

25 Sep, 2017

The Charter settlement was the largest with a cable company in New York State history and possibly in the history of the United States.

RTI Unveils Data Bus for IoT Applications

13 Sep, 2017

The challenge is making sure the technologies required to run IoT applications are sufficiently hardened before those applications get deployed in a production environment.

Dealing with the IoT Means Dealing with Change

08 Sep, 2017

The IoT brings great and fundamental changes and only organizations that take appropriate steps will thrive.

Enterprises Weigh Their IoT Storage Options

07 Sep, 2017

If IoT infrastructure has anything in common with traditional IT, it is that within the broad outlines of basic compute, storage and networking there will be countless customizations.

Oracle Expands IoT Applications Portfolio

07 Sep, 2017

Oracle sees an opportunity for differentiating itself in the IoT space by providing both applications as well as platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environments for building custom IoT applications.

Making the Most of Big Data and the IoT

31 Aug, 2017

The enterprise is rightly concerned about getting its money’s worth from Big Data and the IoT, but achieving optimal ROI isn’t so much a factor of the technology itself but in how you use it.

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