Step-by-Step: Build a Data Center

Existing building sites often lead to
additional construction costs. Site evaluation
should identify any potential issues.
The selected site must be evaluated before the data center budget can be finalized.
  • Use the free “Data Center Site Selection Checklist” to target issues that will lead to cost overruns of safety/security concerns.
  • External environment, including physical hazards.
  • Internal checkpoints (power, cooling, etc.) in existing facilities.
  • Physical building attributes such as loading docks and water lines.
  • Security checkpoints for the protection of systems and staff.
  • Access control systems to prevent intruders.
  • RFacility layout must be planned before construction starts.
  • Data centers house more than just servers. Provide space for all equipment and to serve all functions.
  • Refer to the research note, “Planning for Data Center Physical Layout and Support Center Space” for more detailed guidance.
Data Center Site Selection Checklist
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