Novell Looks to Recapture Its Former Email Glory

02 Apr, 2014

With today's release of GroupWise 2014, Novell is once more staking a claim to email in the enterprise.

Dell Gives IT More VPN Control

01 Apr, 2014

Dell SMA is designed to make it simpler for IT organizations to create and enforce mobile policies regardless of who owns the device.

Splunk Eases Microsoft Exchange Management

31 Mar, 2014

Splunk launched a version 3.0 update to its Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange offering that makes it easier to figure out whether an issue is a Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory or Windows problem.

A Rare Win for BlackBerry

28 Mar, 2014

BlackBerry receives a key security benchmark, smartphones expand their roles, Cisco invests in the cloud, and Microsoft is in the right place at the right time this week.

CliQr Opens Open Source App Store

28 Mar, 2014

As IT organizations are increasingly struggling with simple things such as version control and basic governance of apps in the cloud, the concept of an app store provides an opportunity for IT to reassert its authority.

Intel Plays Kingmaker for Cloudera Analytics

27 Mar, 2014

If you want evidence that Intel has changed, this is exhibit number one. It intends to be the leader in this space and is assuring that position with Cloudera and a huge investment in cash, commitment and engineering resources.

JAMF Software Simplifies Management of Apple Systems and Devices

27 Mar, 2014

Generally speaking, the tools that IT organizations have at their disposal are not applicable to Apple devices, resulting in a lot of manual support activities.

Cloud-Based Labor-on-Demand Services Expand Beyond IT Tasks

26 Mar, 2014

The stable of service providers vying to uncomplicate the management of freelancers alongside full-time IT staf is expanding, as is their focus.

NVIDIA: How to Do an Epic Keynote

25 Mar, 2014

Know your audience and what gets them excited. Engage them during the talk. Make the audience lust after what you are offering.

SAP Remodels the Data Warehouse

25 Mar, 2014

With the rise of data virtualization and more sophisticated approaches to managing metadata, the idea of a data warehouse as a single physical entity is starting to become an archaic construct.

Exchange 2003 EOL Means Some SMBs Need Fast Migration Plan

25 Mar, 2014

Microsoft will end support of Exchange 2003 on April 8, leaving many SMBs to scramble for a plan to upgrade email.

Dell Buys Way into Predictive Analytics by Acquiring StatSoft

24 Mar, 2014

Dell is clearly betting that this is one software category where it expects to be able to differentiate itself in a hurry.

Software AG Launches Intelligent Business Operations Platform

21 Mar, 2014

Software AG is prepackaging emerging technologies together to make them easier to consume and to apply to BPM.

Continuuity Contributes Hadoop Provisioning Tool to Open Source

20 Mar, 2014

The setting up of a Hadoop cluster on commodity servers is not particularly simple.

PwC Predicts Uptick in International M&A Activity, Cloud-Driven Deals

19 Mar, 2014

The focus is on software deals, around cloud, mobility and big data analytics.

Unified Office Updates Unified Communications Service

19 Mar, 2014

The goal is to make sophisticated unified communications services available and affordable for even the smallest of organizations.

Cloudera Picks Up $160 Million in Funding

19 Mar, 2014

A campaign to put Hadoop at the center of the enterprise just got a shot in the arm.

Catalog Sprawl Stings IT Departments Trying to Do It All

18 Mar, 2014

Too many user-facing front-end tools for IT to manage efficiently and effectively creates catalog sprawl. It's a self-inflicted wound for IT.

Pulling IT Back from the Shadows

18 Mar, 2014

Larger portions of the overall data infrastructure are beyond IT’s control, which leads to a stark choice: Either beat them, or join them.

SolarWinds Extends Application Management Reach and Scope

18 Mar, 2014

Application management tools are reaching a price point that just about any IT organization of any size can afford.

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