The Hidden Complexities of Virtualized Environments

30 Aug, 2017

Software lifecycle management and software licensing are two distinct realms. They are both complex and are deeply connected. The move to virtualization has big impact on both and IT departments must plan accordingly.

VMware Previews Advances in Endpoint Management

29 Aug, 2017

VMware is committed to dissolving the silos that exist between different classes of endpoints to unify the management of those devices and the actual end-user experience via a Workspace ONE cloud service.

VMware Starts to Deliver on Cloud Promise

28 Aug, 2017

VMware made good on a promise to make a version of a stack of software on AWS in addition to delivering SaaS applications that can be applied to multiple clouds.

IBM Unveils Alternative Approach to Data Protection

23 Aug, 2017

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is designed to be deployed on top of virtual machines to also make it simpler for anyone in the IT organization to deploy.

Natural Language Processing Turns to the Enterprise

22 Aug, 2017

In addition to helping IT provision and manage data infrastructure, NLP is expected to democratize the data ecosystem throughout the knowledge workforce.

Parallels Gives IT Control over Windows Running on Apple Macs

22 Aug, 2017

Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac will give IT administrators more granular control over which Windows applications can be published and accessed by users of Macintosh systems.

IBM Looks to Advance Blockchain Adoption via Cloud Service

22 Aug, 2017

Blockchain technologies have the potential to transform how business-to-business transactions are conducted by providing access to a shared immutable ledger. IBM is ready to put those blockchain technologies to use in a production environment hosted on the IBM Cloud.

Cisco Moves to Secure Collaboration Across Cisco Spark Platform

21 Aug, 2017

The latest Cisco Spark update, among other capabilities, adds the ability to encrypt all communications occurring across the platform alongside a variety of new compliance controls.

Quick Base Looks to Extend Enterprise Appeal of Online Database

18 Aug, 2017

Low-code development platforms such as Quick Base are all the rage as organizations look to reduce their dependency on professional developers by making it simpler for so-called citizen developers to build applications on their own.

Druva Unfurls Cloud Platform to Unify Management of Data Protection

17 Aug, 2017

The rise of cloud computing creates an opportunity to rethink how data protection gets implemented and managed on an end-to-end basis.

NVIDIA Advances Virtualization Software for GPUs

17 Aug, 2017

NVIDIA envisions most end users invoking the PC version of the company’s VDI software to provide, for example, engineers access to graphics files from PCs that are increasingly becoming thinner and lighter.

Plexxi Partners with Decision Lab on Machine Learning for Networks

16 Aug, 2017

The goal is to create a dashboard that enables network administrators to make better informed decisions based on all the events occurring across the network.

BlackBerry and Vuzix Partner to Make AR More Secure

15 Aug, 2017

Increasingly, AR glasses will become a requirement, not only for increased productivity in certain jobs but also for increased safety.

Uber Revamps Expense Management Application for Business

15 Aug, 2017

More than 65,000 organizations already make use of Uber for Business to eliminate the need to process individual expense reports for every employee picked up by an Uber driver.

Streamlio Unveils Event-Driven Platform for Real-Time Applications

15 Aug, 2017

Streamlio's goal is to eliminate much of the integration work an IT organization would have to do on its own to create an equivalent real-time platform based on modern microservices architecture.

Splunk Debuts Monitoring App for AWS Clouds

14 Aug, 2017

Splunk Insights for AWS Cloud Monitoring is a full instance of Splunk that comes in the form of an application that runs on an AMI virtual machine optimized on an AWS cloud.

HashiCorp Advances Secrets Management

11 Aug, 2017

HashiCorp Vault is gaining traction because it provides a mechanism that lets IT manage credentials across a range of applications versus having to replicate the same functionality inside every custom application.

Absolute Software Advances Endpoint Management and Security

09 Aug, 2017

Reach technology developed by Absolute leverages the application persistence provided by Absolute to enable IT administrators to deliver patches and updates to applications without waiting for them to be physically connected to the network.

Kony Aims to Bridge Divide Between Professional and Citizen Developers

08 Aug, 2017

Kony AppPlatform 8 has been enhanced to make it simpler for citizen developers to build omni-channel applications that span both mobile and web applications.

Oracle Advances Cloud Applications Case

02 Aug, 2017

Oracle SCM Cloud Release 13 adds over 200 features to a suite of existing SCM applications that span every aspect of the supply chain.

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