Microsoft HoloLens, Ford and Forgotten Best Practices for Creating Successful Offerings

21 Sep, 2017

In VR, AR, and mixed reality efforts, too many use consumer-grade hardware and incomplete solutions to address opportunities that are ill-defined and way too numerous.

3D Printing a Big Deal Now and in the Future

21 Sep, 2017

3D printing will change how organizations work and how IT pros will do their own jobs.

Vexata Unveils Storage Operating Systems for NVMe

20 Sep, 2017

Active Data Fabric from Vexata is a software-defined OS that can be deployed across a controller, router and data node consisting of SSDs. IT can also opt to deploy Active Data Fabric on a public cloud.

Actian Accelerates Apache Spark Analytics

20 Sep, 2017

Because Actian employs extensions to the instruction set for x86 processors made by Intel, the utilization rate for analytics applications can now be several orders of magnitude greater.

The Biggest Problem for Kaspersky Lab and Those Who Use It

19 Sep, 2017

If the U.S. government bans Kaspersky Lab, you may not have any choice but to ban it as well.

Twilio Unveils Twilio Studio to Craft Digital Experiences

19 Sep, 2017

Twilio Studio will make it easier for end users and developers to work within the same cross-functional team to create different types of digital experiences.

OutSystems Connects Apps to AI and IoT Cloud Services

19 Sep, 2017

The OutSystems platform is capable of being used to build complex applications on average in eight weeks.

Micro Focus Expands Reach of Vertica Columnar Database

18 Sep, 2017

Vertica 9 brings with it support for additional machine learning capabilities as well as the ability to deploy Vertica on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Looker Enhances Data Manipulation Capabilities Within Analytics Apps

14 Sep, 2017

Looker 5 is an update to analytics software that makes it simpler to merge data from disparate sources in addition to providing access to more pre-built applications.

Augment Unveils Customer Service Platform Infused with AI

14 Sep, 2017

Augment aims to leverage AI to enable chatbots to participate in a more natural conversation by being able to make suggestions to customers based on previous interactions.

AeroFS Merges with Redbooth to Enhance Collaboration

13 Sep, 2017

Redbooth is committed to integrating its various offerings with other applications and services to eliminate many of the collaboration silos that organizations today need to navigate.

HP Rises to Productivity Challenge

13 Sep, 2017

New HP capabilities include advanced analytics that help IT organizations identify usage patterns that would indicate what type of machine one employee might be better off using than another.

Micro Focus Extends Reach of Security Portfolio

12 Sep, 2017

Micro Focus plans to focus more of its efforts on DevSecOps processes that IT organizations are increasingly baking into application development.

Instaclustr Launches Open Source Platform as a Service

11 Sep, 2017

Instaclustr Open Source-as-a-Service Platform builds on expertise in managing deployments of the open source Cassandra database on behalf of customers.

Atlassian Unfurls Stride Collaboration Cloud Service

08 Sep, 2017

Stride provides access to a broad range of mediums that allows end users to more naturally collaborate within the context of a specific project.

Putin Weighs In on AI as Huawei Makes Announcements

07 Sep, 2017

The latest person to speak out about artificial intelligence (AI) is none other than Vladimir Putin.

Apple in the Enterprise: For Real This Time?

06 Sep, 2017

Apple has certainly made a significant contribution to data mobility, but it is by no means a shoe-in when it comes to capturing enterprise workflows.

M-Files to Apply AI to Enterprise Content Management

06 Sep, 2017

M-Files as an ECM differentiates itself in that its content repository is neutral.

BackupAssist Secures Backup Files from Ransomware Attacks

01 Sep, 2017

By not allowing a backup to proceed, BackupAssist preserves the last known good backup to acquire, protecting the data any organization would need to recover from a ransomware attack.

Naveego Extends Scope and Reach of MDM Cloud Service

31 Aug, 2017

In contrast to rival MDM services that rely mainly on APIs to access data, the Naveego approach allows organizations to employ SQL commands.

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