Box Taps into Advanced Algorithms

13 Oct, 2017

Box added a bevy of products and updates to its collaboration portfolio that promise to advance workflows by making it simpler to invoke multiple types and classes of machine learning algorithms.

LogRhythm Unfurls AI Cloud Service to Enhance Security

12 Oct, 2017

LogRhythm plans to make available a series of add-on modules infused with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to make it simpler to detect advanced security threats and ongoing attacks.

Workday Adds Analytics Application to SaaS Portfolio

10 Oct, 2017

Workday Prism Analytics enables organizations to analyze data residing in Workday SaaS applications as well as third-party data residing in the Workday Cloud.

Salesforce Feeds IoT Data into CRM Application

10 Oct, 2017

Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition builds on the cloud platform Salesforce previously announced to aggregate and analyze data. Now that data can be fed into an instance of Salesforce CRM.

Nutanix Aims to Build Third-Party App Ecosystem on HCI Platform

05 Oct, 2017

Many of the functions that were previously deployed as applications on a server are now being recrafted as applications designed to run on a HCI platform that unifies compute and storage.

Mobile Augmented Reality Could Be Next Killer App

04 Oct, 2017

Mobile AR seems poised to be the killer app that the mobile sector has been seeking for years.

NetSuite Expands SaaS Application Portfolio

04 Oct, 2017

In addition to expanding into the HR realm, NetSuite added an Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service module.

Intel FPGAs to Dramatically Accelerate Application Performance

04 Oct, 2017

The impact of FPGAs is likely to be profound. The IT infrastructure required to run complex existing apps will be substantially reduced, and new classes of apps that were not practical to develop should emerge.

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean?

03 Oct, 2017

What is artificial intelligence? It is a deceptively simple question. Quite possibly, the confusion is centered on the precise use of the word intelligence.

Oracle to Employ Advanced Algorithms Across Entire App Portfolio

03 Oct, 2017

Oracle unveiled a raft of applications that employ machine learning algorithms to automate processes spanning from how goods and services are procured to how individuals are recruited to work for the company.

ThinAir Applies Conversational Interface to IT Security Investigations

03 Oct, 2017

End users are starting to regularly employ conversation interfaces to query applications. Now ThinAir is bringing support for a similar conversation interface capability to IT security software.

Oracle Unveils First Autonomous Database

02 Oct, 2017

By the middle of next year, the Oracle 18c database will be added to the Oracle online transaction processing cloud service and the Oracle Express edition of the Oracle database.

MapR Expands Database Scope to Drive Real-Time Analytics

28 Sep, 2017

The latest version of MapR-DB adds support for self-service SQL data exploration as well as connectors to the Apache Spark in-memory computing framework and Apache Hive data warehouse software.

Zoom Leverages Machine Learning to Expand Online Meeting Experience

27 Sep, 2017

The meeting transcript capability from Zoom employs machine learning algorithms to convert the words spoken in a video conference into text.

Informatica Applies AI to Big Data Governance

27 Sep, 2017

Informatica Compliance Data Lake can increase rather than decrease usage of data; it eliminates the need for IT to manually manage a permission process that often does more to hinder usage of data than to enable it.

SAP Extends Cloud Reach

26 Sep, 2017

SAP now has the broadest level of multi-cloud support because apps can be deployed on GCP, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the IBM Cloud and on-premises IT environments.

IBM Simplifies Deployment of Analytics Apps in a Hybrid Cloud

26 Sep, 2017

The IBM Integrated Analytics System is an extension of the IBM Data Science Experience, which combines Apache Spark with a data warehouse based on a IBM DB2 relational database to enable analytics to be processed in real time.

Intel’s Loihi: In a Decade, Your Smartphone Will Gain Human-Like Intelligence

25 Sep, 2017

Assuming normal development cycles, by this time next decade, we’ll likely be up to our armpits in machines that are arguably smarter than we are.

SAP Looks to Simplify Data Management via SAP Data Hub

25 Sep, 2017

SAP Data Hub provides a single open mechanism for managing data pipelines spanning enterprise applications running on the SAP HANA in-memory database and data sources such as Apache Hadoop and Spark.

Hortonworks Unveils Distributed Data Plane Service

25 Sep, 2017

Hortonworks DataPlane Service can be deployed on a public cloud or in on-premises environments to create a distributed data fabric across an open source computing environment.

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