Three Big Takeaways from Lenovo Accelerate: IoT, AR/VR and Massive PC Innovation

17 May, 2019

The advantages of Lenovo are not well known; it is more likely to be forced to compete on price. This makes it an interesting bargain for the informed customer.

Qlik Simplifies Deployment of Analytics Applications on Multiple Clouds

16 May, 2019

Qlik Sense Enterprise gives organizations the flexibility to deploy modules based on either the amount of data they need to analyze or compliance requirements.

SAP Addresses Integration Issues

10 May, 2019

SAP has developed a series of add-on software offerings designed to reduce the time and effort required to integrate its diverse portfolio of applications not only with each other, but third-party apps.

SAP Unfurls Raft of Services for Public Clouds

08 May, 2019

SAP launched a series of cloud services, including its core HANA in-memory database, that can be deployed on multiple public clouds.

Microsoft Build Keynote: Putting the User at the Center and Enabling Global Positive Change

07 May, 2019

Microsoft Build 2019 introduced game changers in Azure, AI, gaming, bots, mixed reality, autonomous systems and more.

Dell Technologies World 2019 Keynote: Technology Optimism

29 Apr, 2019

IT has always wanted vendors to better collaborate and we saw that in spades at the opening of Dell Technologies World.

Evolution of BlackBerry: The Best Security Solutions You Have Never Heard Of

24 Apr, 2019

BlackBerry continues to impress on product and execution, but it is held back by an image tied to what it used to be. Customers have clearly indicated that BlackBerry is keeping their firms and people far safer than what is likely being deployed by competitors.

Salesforce Adds More AI Capabilities to Salesforce Cloud

23 Apr, 2019

Additions to Salesforce Sales Cloud will increase the productivity of sales people by employing the Einstein AI engines to surface more actionable intelligence within the application.

Verint Systems Launches Blueprint for Implementing AI

19 Apr, 2019

With AI Blueprint, Verint is making a concerted effort to reduce the risks associated with investing in AI.

HP Innovation Summit 2019: Blending Old with New to Make the World a Better Place

19 Apr, 2019

From sustainability to home improvement to prosthetics, HP and customers are working to make the world a better place.

Salesforce Simplifies Building of AI Models

17 Apr, 2019

Salesforce announced that customers can embed analytics created using Einstein AI models into third-party apps such as supply chain and finance apps and developers can create custom AI models.

Looker Adds Application for Analyzing Sales Data

11 Apr, 2019

Looker extended its campaign to add versions of its analytics applications targeted at specific types of users with the beta release of Looker for Sales Analytics.

Salesforce to Inject More AI into Customer Service

28 Mar, 2019

The goal for Salesforce is to leverage AI to automate a wide variety of routine tasks that ultimately conspire to make customer service representatives less productive.

Adobe Advances Customer Experience Management

27 Mar, 2019

Adobe has extended the reach of the Adobe Experience Cloud by adding capabilities developed by both Adobe as well as strategic partners such as ServiceNow and Microsoft.

SAP Moves to Make Advanced Analytics More Accessible

21 Mar, 2019

SAP continues to make a case for rationalizing BI and analytics platforms that are typically strewn across the average enterprise.

NVIDIA Showcases Impressive Advances in Data Science, HPC, VR

20 Mar, 2019

NVIDIA has been moving aggressively into the AI, data science, HPC, robotics, and automotive spaces and GTC is a showcase for how far it has come.

Oracle Extends Reach and Scope of App Portfolio

20 Mar, 2019

While Oracle continues to offer individual applications, it is increasingly focused on enabling organizations to unify disparate business processes across an application portfolio that all share the same underlying database technology.

Neurala Unfurls AI App Builder in the Cloud

15 Mar, 2019

Neurala announced it has made a self-service instance of the tool it created for building and training AI applications available as a service on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

IBM, NVIDIA, Hyundai, Geico Bring Deep Learning AI to Call Centers

15 Mar, 2019

Call center AI implementations are creating huge improvement rates in multiple metrics, and users are impressed.

Time to Set Realistic AI Expectations Is Now

09 Mar, 2019

The gap between what senior business execs believe can be accomplished by investing in AI and what can be really accomplished using AI has widened to the point where a backlash against AI in the enterprise may be all but inevitable.

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