Integrated Solutions in an Increasingly Commoditized World

25 Oct, 2017

Increasingly commoditized, hyperconverged infrastructure is cheaper to deploy, easier to maintain, and capable of providing the resource flexibility required of next-generation apps and services.

What AI Can Do for Storage

23 Oct, 2017

Artificial intelligence will eventually learn how to manage the data ecosystem largely on its own, which means conflicts between disparate intelligent engines will create more problems than they solve.

The Changing Face of Enterprise Backup and Recovery

20 Oct, 2017

Backup and recovery is becoming less of an add-on to the data environment and more of a core asset.

Docker and Kubernetes: Breaking the Proprietary Mindset

19 Oct, 2017

The next version of Docker will have a built-in full distribution of Kubernetes; developers will be able to work with the familiar Swarm tools along with new Kubernetes tools under the same management dashboard.

AppDynamics Extends Monitoring Ambitions

18 Oct, 2017

AppDynamics is extending the reach of its monitoring service to the network level as well as devices that connect to an Internet of Things (IoT) application by making available additional agent software.

Talend Extends Reach into Data Governance

17 Oct, 2017

Talend is extending the scope of an iPaaS environment to include Talend Data Preparation, a data management tool to cleanse data and govern who gets access to specific types of information.

Which Cloud Is Best? All of Them

17 Oct, 2017

The flexibility of emerging applications and the demands of users all but require a dynamic, scalable approach to infrastructure deployment and provisioning.

DoJ Could Nix a Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

13 Oct, 2017

T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth largest wireless companies, have been discussing merging for a long time. Those talks have heated up recently.

Hello Edge, Goodbye Cloud?

13 Oct, 2017

Projections of the demise of the cloud due to a rising IoT are in the same tradition of numerous other calls for technological obsolescence, from the mainframe to the PC to disk storage.

MEF, ONAP Collaborate to Make Virtualization Work Across Discrete Networks

13 Oct, 2017

Making virtualization work across carrier domains is a vital piece of the overall puzzle. The MEF, with the help of ONAP, are working to meet that challenge.

Making Storage Work Across Hybrid Clouds

11 Oct, 2017

A new generation of cloud management solutions is starting to delve into the intricacies of storage to hopefully bring the dream of true hybrid performance closer to reality.

AT&T Virtualizes XGS-PON OLTs with VOLTHA 1.0

10 Oct, 2017

AT&T took a significant step by providing the Optical Networking Foundation (ONF) with version 1.0 of its VOLTHA specification.

FatPipe Networks Unveils Multi-Function VNF

10 Oct, 2017

FatPipe Networks created a multi-function VNF that enables organizations to employ their SD-WANs as an NFV platform.

IBM Makes Local Secure Storage Based on Object System More Accessible

09 Oct, 2017

The transition to object-based storage systems outside of public clouds has been slow, but steady.

AT&T, Verizon Lead Fiber Spending in the U.S. and Want People to Know It

06 Oct, 2017

It may not be surprising to learn that AT&T and Verizon are spending the most money on fiber in the United States. What is noteworthy may be that they are being public about it.

Taking Stock of IoT Hardware Requirements

06 Oct, 2017

IoT infrastructure is likely to go through several permutations before it settles into the enterprise mainstream.

Tackling the Challenges to NFV Deployment

05 Oct, 2017

Deploying virtualization is very complex by itself. The task of transitioning legacy networks built over decades to operate quite differently makes the task even more difficult.

Nutanix Aims to Build Third-Party App Ecosystem on HCI Platform

05 Oct, 2017

Many of the functions that were previously deployed as applications on a server are now being recrafted as applications designed to run on a HCI platform that unifies compute and storage.

Data Dynamics Simplifies Storage Management Across Multiple Platforms

05 Oct, 2017

Data Dynamics StorageX 8.0 automatically converts files into an object-based format that is compatible with the S3 interface that Amazon Web Services (AWS) employs in its public cloud service.

Software to Help the Enterprise Discover the Cloud

04 Oct, 2017

Managing cloud resources requires a more nuanced view of data operations than is needed for traditional IT infrastructure.

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