Five Database Technology 'Faceoffs' Explained

05 Nov, 2013

There are countless this-or-that conversations in database technology. Here's a look at a few of the most common faceoffs. 

SMBs Should Insure Data Through Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans

04 Nov, 2013

SMBs may face challenges when it comes to backups and DR, but should consider the consequences and investigate their options.

Ready for the All-SSD Enterprise, or Is the Future a Little More Mixed?

04 Nov, 2013

The enterprise may be on the verge of accepting an all-SSD storage model, but it seems that hard disks may have more holding power than we thought.

NetApp Extends FlexPod Alliance with Cisco

04 Nov, 2013

NetApp and Cisco have extended the range of systems they jointly offer the cloud while extending their management reach out to the branch office.

The Benefits of Cloud Integration Platforms

01 Nov, 2013

Integration cloud platforms are becoming quite popular in the enterprise. Learn more about how to choose and run these useful platforms.

Converged Infrastructure Ready to Make a Serious Run for the Enterprise

01 Nov, 2013

Converged infrastructure is poised to make a push into the enterprise, but many considerations in current data centers may hold it back.

DataCore Extends Storage Reach to the Server

01 Nov, 2013

DataCore's update to SANsymphony-V extends the reach of its storage management capabilities beyond the network to include the server.

EMC Partners with RainStor to Compress Big Data

31 Oct, 2013

EMC and RainStor have partnered to provide the ability to compress Big Data and store it on NAS that is running a Hadoop distributed file system.

DCIM, For the Present and the Future

30 Oct, 2013

Data Center Infrastructure management may finally be ready to go mainstream to help scale resources to meet large data loads.

Cloud Leaders Focus on Integration More than Others

29 Oct, 2013

A recent study shows that cloud leaders--those organizations who were early adopters of the technology--are more likely to focus on integration.

Big Data, Big Warehousing and the Cloud

29 Oct, 2013

Will data volumes increase exponentially, forever? Will the enterprise continue to amass the physical, virtual or cloud resources needed to handle it at all costs?

Data Center Got Zombies? How to Select a DCAM Solution to Find Them

29 Oct, 2013

Looking for lost or forgotten resources? Here are the top five questions to answer when selecting a data center asset management (DCAM) solution.

Juniper Unveils MetaFabric Architecture

29 Oct, 2013

Juniper announces its new MetaFabric architecture, which allows for managing pools of network resources across multiple data centers.

Struggling with Cloud Integration

28 Oct, 2013

A recent survey found that cloud integration efforts are struggling, or not being attempted at all.

SSDs More Durable, But Are They Reliable Enough?

25 Oct, 2013

As the enterprise continues to increase its reliance on solid-state technology, and particularly when it crosses that line into mission-critical functions, a broader assessment is needed.

CommVault Leverages Metadata to Simplify Archiving and E-Discovery

25 Oct, 2013

CommVault announces its Simpana Reference Copy, which indexes data files for easier retrieval after archiving.

Trick or Treat: Cable’s DOCSIS 3.1 Specs to Be Released by Halloween

24 Oct, 2013

Like the FTTH architecture, the cable industry is also healthy and awaiting the latest version of Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 3.1.

HP Hits the Autonomy Comeback Trail

24 Oct, 2013

The challenge for the company will be getting customers to appreciate IDOL enough to worship it as much as HP does.

Privileged Users Abusing Data Access

22 Oct, 2013

The results from a "Privilege Gone Wild" survey should scare all of us.

The Five-Fold Path for Ensuring Data = Information

22 Oct, 2013

Data governance isn’t just about ensuring data’s quality or security: It’s about turning data, even Big Data, into information.

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