Privileged Users Abusing Data Access

22 Oct, 2013

The results from a "Privilege Gone Wild" survey should scare all of us.

The Five-Fold Path for Ensuring Data = Information

22 Oct, 2013

Data governance isn’t just about ensuring data’s quality or security: It’s about turning data, even Big Data, into information.

New Storage Solutions, Scaled to Order

22 Oct, 2013

The storage industry has finally brought new technologies that address issues with scale, not just speed.

SGI Extends Big Data Storage Reach

22 Oct, 2013

The rise of Big Data in the enterprise is creating storage challenges that SGI has already solved in HPC environments.

Enterprise M2M: Time to Bow Down to Our New Digital Overlords?

21 Oct, 2013

The key is not to simply let machines run amok, but to ensure that M2M interactions take place within a well-defined framework. Lesson? Ignoring Integration Will Bite You Every Time

21 Oct, 2013

Integration issues may be what plagues as it falters while attempting to sign up millions for health care insurance.

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014

18 Oct, 2013

Ten strategic technologies that have the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years.

Driving Data Efficiency to the Ends of the Earth

18 Oct, 2013

Companies are beginning to create data centers that access green technologies such as climate cooling to bring down costs.

Vonage Claims Stake in SMB VoIP Via Acquisition of Vocalocity

18 Oct, 2013

Vonage attempts to break into the SMB VoIP market with it's latest acquisition, cloud-based telecom Vocalocity.

Eight Questions to Ask Before Investing in Data Quality Tools

16 Oct, 2013

Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools shows deployments have doubled and 78 percent of projects focus on customer data.

Database Developers Are In Demand

15 Oct, 2013

Hiring managers and database developers seeking employment will both benefit from this IT Download featuring a DB developer job description.

Lessons in Next-Generation Network Technologies

10 Oct, 2013

Download an excerpt from an informative book on next-generation networking to learn more about wireless and mobile security best practices.

Building Next-Generation Converged Networks: Theory and Practice

03 Oct, 2013

This excerpt from chapter 7 provides an overview of cellular networks, LANs, PANs, WLAN security, and best practices for mobile device security.

IPv6 Readiness Still Lags in U.S.

03 Sep, 2013

Analysis from Logicalis places the U.S. only seventh globally in IPv6 readiness.

Enabling an Enterprise-wide, Data-centric Operating Environment

27 Aug, 2013

If properly envisaged and designed, access control can serve a more vital role in computing than one might expect.

'Green Computing: Tools and Techniques for Saving Energy, Money, and Resources' Excerpt

09 Aug, 2013

This chapter excerpt describes how to green your data center(s) and servers: choosing green suppliers, planning buildings and power supplies, and understanding why you should start now.

Business Continuity: Considerations, Risks, Tips and More

07 Aug, 2013

This guide pulls together several resources to help you identify the essential components involved in developing a strong disaster recovery plan.

'Data Governance: Creating Value from Information Assets' Excerpt

23 Jul, 2013

Addressing the complete life cycle of effective data governance — from metadata management to privacy and compliance — this book provides business managers, IT professionals and students with an integrated approach to designing, developing and sustaining an effective data governance strategy.


22 Jan, 2009

The most powerful systems drive scientific research and intensive number crunching

Quantum Computing

22 Jan, 2009

Speculative, super-fast computing architecture makes strides toward reality

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