Windows Phone 7 Is Making Progress

Carl Weinschenk
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Bits of evidence are flowing in suggesting whether or not Windows Phone 7 will enable Microsoft to become a more meaningful player in the smartphone game.

The jury still is out. It's clear, at this point, that the operating system isn't a failure. The deal with Nokia announced in February was one bit of good news for the operating system. At least some analysts see a bright future. Enterprise Mobility Today reports that the most recent IDC Phone Tracker says that Windows Phone 7 will boost the Microsoft entrant more than 20 percentage points-from 5.5 percent this year to 20.9 percent in 2015-and into second place.

That's the future. Meaningful numbers are starting to trickle in about the present. The success or failure of a smartphone has a lot to do with the size of its ecosystem -- outside entities working for its success-and the number of apps that it offers. Last week, Microsoft reported that 36,000 people-developers, mostly-and companies are working on Windows Phone 7. About 1,200 are joining each week. 3G.co.uk added that Windows Marketplace has 11,500 apps, with about 4,000 of those free.


It's difficult to take a number out of context and say whether it is impressive or not. This Seattle Post Intelligence blog written by Nick Evans suggests that the 11,500 figure indeed is. The post includes laudatory comments in an email from IDC analyst Al Hilwa. Evans points to somewhat disparaging things written at the Microsoft Developers blog about how Apple arrives at its far more imposing numbers. Watson says Apple is very liberal in computing its numbers, which makes Windows Phone 7 numbers look better by comparison.

PCWorld blogger Jared Newman doesn't put much stock in measures of available apps. He doesn't know if the phone is selling or not, but thinks it may not be. Far more important to him is the nature of the phone itself. The lack of multitasking, HTML5 support, copy-and-paste capabilities and a carriage deal with Verizon are far more important to him. Writes Newman:

Windows Phone 7 hardware has also been unimpressive so far. Most handsets don't have front-facing cameras. None have dual-core processors. Most lack expandable storage, which wouldn't be an issue if they included more than 8 GB or 16 GB of on-board storage. Every time an Android phone pushes the hardware envelope, Windows Phone 7 falls further behind.

Some of those issues are being addressed. Microsoft is readying the next version of the phone. Codenamed "Mango," it will have several new features, according to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley's report on comments by Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Windows Phone Program Management.

Microsoft, in a way, is all about drama. In this case, the tension is whether Windows Phone 7 can keep it relevant. The signs about five months after its launch appear to mixed. The sense is, however, that things are moving in the right direction.

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Apr 15, 2011 5:04 PM Jollo Jollo  says:

Making progress?

Microsoft's mobile market share has actually shrunk in the past 3 months, despite (or because of) Windows Phone 7. Microsoft is going backwards.

What that means is that Windows Phone 7 is not selling. After the world's largest marketing budget ever (some reports say Microsoft spent half a billion dollars marketing Windows Phone 7), then the platform is a complete failure.

It's basically doing the same thing as Microsoft's previous Kin phones.

Apr 15, 2011 5:25 PM webster webster  says: in response to Jollo


to your comment, I have only one word: stupid. you don't know what you are talking about in a lot levels.

Apr 15, 2011 5:49 PM zarniw0p zarniw0p  says: in response to Jollo

If it's failing, why are more and more major players jumping on the bandwagon? I'm sure the worlds largest handset maker would not jump onto a sinking ship. Additionally, IDC and Gartner would not just make up their reports, they are highly respected analysts.

As for Copy/Paste, it has it now, how long did Apple take to implement it? Multitasking will be implemented by fall, again how long did Apple take to implement it? It's all well and good for Apple fan boys to make a lot of noise now they have these, but they waited for 2 years.

No, in the long term, this platform will succeed provided Microsoft continually innovate, improve and update it. Android will roar away with 45% market share and good luck to them, it's a great phone. Apple will have 15% world market share, again it's also a great phone, but Microsoft have at last also produced a great phone and I switched to if after owning an iPhone for 2 years and to be honest I am glad I did.

Apr 18, 2011 7:26 PM Michael Michael  says: in response to zarniw0p

Why is everybody making a big deal about copy and paste my phone came with copy and paste (htc arrive) and I don't even use the feature and many of you and the average cell phone user probaly doesn't either but it is good to have it there in cae I need it for me I wanted a phone than runs smooth and you gotta admit the windows phone 7 software is very responsive compared to androids jagged scrolling, but I like android and wp7 but prefer wp7 because it seem much more responsive than that of android and iphone and we know the iphone is a smotth running machine.But you gotta get what works for you some of you should perhaps give wp7 a chance or a second and not be one sided as I did open up to it and now it is my every day phone and I love the zune player being able to stream music on my phone instead bogging the memory with music and having control over the music I stream instead of random tracks being picked for me on some of the free streamed music so give it an second look and of course I like the xbox live intergration which is the best gaming phone out which a lot of people will probaly switch over to wp7 when their contracts are up on there android phone so you gotta take that in to consideration who will customer switch to when their contracts are up which the majority of people are locked in contracts with android or apple so will they be loyal and stay are also switch to wp7espeacially those xbox live gamers?


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