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Carl Weinschenk
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The Seven Security Habits of Highly Successful Mobile IT Administrators

Today's IT departments are finding new ways to safeguard the behaviors of their mobile work force.

The attitude of developers is a lower profile, but nonetheless vital, element in the success or failure of a mobile operating system. The way in which the writing code is handled varies greatly by mobile operating systems. This offers developers real options.

There is lots of news on the mobile development front. Perhaps the most important is who is winning. PC Mag and other sites are reporting on Ovum research that predicts that Android will overtake iOS in the next year. The report adds that there is growing interest from developers in Microsoft's Windows Phone and the BlackBerry operating system.

A bit of the tension between developers and owners of the operating system is evident in this Wall Street Journal blog. The piece notes the back and forth between Apple and developers in the San Francisco Bay area. The piece discusses a limitation Apple sets on the number of devices that an application can be tested on - it's 100 - and how a development company called Instagram tried to work around it. Another sign of the tension: TechCrunch describes an online storefront expressly created for apps rejected by a developer named Koushik Dutta.

The battle for developers' hearts is heating up. To a great extent, of course, it's a money issue. But these are developers, and it is not all about the Benjamins. Earlier this month, Google took the wraps off Android Design, which is designed to help developers work with Ice Cream Sandwich, the new version of Android. The Wired story on the launch features an interview with Matias Duarte, who is the head of user experience for Google. The sense of the piece is that there is a concerted effort to bring uniformity to the world of Android:

In theory, it will help developers better understand just how the Android team thinks about layout and implementation, while simultaneously giving suggestions to interaction designers on how to maintain visual integrity. Basically, it will help both first-time developers and Android veterans make apps look less crappy.

The world of development is changing, particularly with the approach of HTML5, which will even out the playing field and make things simpler. The bottom line is that the development community is easily overlooked in the back and forth over which operating system is winning in the overall marketplace.

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Feb 2, 2012 4:22 PM technoguy technoguy  says:

Internet world is a dynamic and evolving world. Developers are getting enticed by the smartphones app being used by maximum number of people around the world. The up and coming operating systems have kept the developers on toes for learning new things.


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