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Carl Weinschenk
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One of the nice things about covering the mobile sector is that there is no shortage of drama. The next major event - or one of them, anyway - will be the debut of the Windows Mobile operating system on Nokia devices.


In February, Nokia and Microsoft announced their partnership. It now is just about show time, according to The Wall Street Journal and other sites. Nokia is aiming to introduce products during the Christmas season. The post suggests that the early versions of the Nokia/Windows Phone devices - which will feature the Windows Phone 7.5, the "Mango" update of the operating system - will be pretty similar to Windows Phone-based devices from HTC and Samsung. The more significant differentiations will come later.


Time is of the essence for both companies. The story describes how Nokia's overall cellular and smartphone businesses have declined since the Microsoft announcement. This can be a result of the reluctance of people to buy phones supported by a suddenly orphaned operating system, the parallel rise of Android and iOS sales, or both. In any case, the drop is steep, and it adds a bit of urgency to Nokia's timeline. Microsoft also has to put the pedal to the metal, as sales of Windows Phone devices have been, at best, mediocre.


One of the next steps for Nokia's Windows Phone initiatives is to find carriers in the United States. This PCMag story focuses on comments made at CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011 by Chris Weber, Nokia's president for the Americas. As the reporter Sascha Segan pointed out, he mostly said nothing. But one point he did make was that every carrier will be in play. Wrote Segan:

Weber refused to rule out CDMA carriers Sprint and Verizon, or even "tier 2" prepaid carriers as customers for Nokia Windows Phones. Nokia hasn't made smartphones for CDMA radio networks since 2005.

Like all good dramas, the ramp-up to Nokia's entry isn't without rumors and interesting finds by folks who scour the Web for early pictures and descriptions. Two examples: My Nokia Blog carried suspected specifications of three Nokia Mango phones: the Sabre, SeaRay and Ace. There is a fuzzy photo of what the site says may or may not be the SeaRay. TFTS offers two photos - one of the phone and the other of a screen displaying specs - of what may be the Nokia Sun, which the piece says will be deployed by Orange in France.


My Nokia Blog writer Jay Montano points out that Nokia World is Oct. 26, so at least some of the mystery will be short-lived. In any case, the jockeying will continue as the new order of smartphone and tablet operating systems solidifies.

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