Good Reviews for Cingular HSDPA Phone

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New cellular phones are being thrown at consumers at an ever-accelerating rate. This is a review of one such phone, the Cingular 8525. The outstanding thing about the new entry, according to the reviewer, is its support for High Speed Packet Downlink Packet Access (HSPDA), a next-generation 3G cellular technology.


The author likes more than she dislikes about the 8525. The key attributes, besides HSDPA support, are the inclusion of Wi-Fi access, a fast processor and stereo Bluetooth. The drawbacks are a lackluster keyboard, an ear piece that is too quiet, and his problems on some calls.


The star of the show, of course, is HSDPA, which Cingular is deploying throughout its network. Cingular, which got some negative reviews for its BroadbandConnect HSDPA offering early this year, clearly isn't alone in using the platform. Two examples on the laptop front: Novatel is working on HSDPA cards and Dell is embedding cards in its notebooks, at least in Europe.


The bottom line is that HSDPA is here to stay. In the case of the Cingular 8525, the network initially will provide downloads at 863 kbps. This is fast enough to perform some convergent multimedia applications on the road -- and create a market for the faster speeds that are promised in the near future.