YouSendit Has Enterprise Ambitions


As a provider of a free file transfer service that is easy to use, YouSendIt.com is widely viewed as a Web 2.0 application for consumers. But it turns out that one of the company's fastest growing segments is providing secure file transfer services to enterprise customers.

According to Arun Prakash, vice president of corporate marketing for YouSendIt.com, the company is seeing well into double-digit growth for the commercial version of its service as IT organizations continue to discover the benefit of managed file transfer that is simple to use but comes with all the traditional data governance tools that IT organizations expect.

Next up, the company plans to add additional workflow capabilities around its service. As employees increasingly make use of services such as YouSendIt, Prakash says they are asking for more collaboration capabilities.

YouSendIt is part of a wave of Web 2.0 offerings that are driving the consumerization of IT. Most of the enterprise business, said Prakash, comes as a result of end users employing the free file transfer service. Once IT discovers this behavior, they typically ask to set up a more secure implementation that is sanctioned by the IT department.

Of course, this trend has already attracted the attention of other cloud computing providers. As IT organizations struggle with the huge files being attached to e-mail messages, they are looking for some viable alternatives for transferring those files in a way that doesn't overload the network and then consequently overwhelm their storage systems. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that the service cuts down overnight delivery costs dramatically, as well.

As is often the case, end users have found their way around the limitations of their internal e-mail systems, and once again, the IT department is racing to catch up.