VMware: Virtualization Is All About Automation

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Now that most IT organizations are well into the next phase of virtualization adoption, many of them are discovering that deploying virtual machine software successfully is one thing, managing them is quite another.

To help customers better deal with managing virtual machine software in the context of a cloud computing environment, VMware has been steadily bolstering its management wares over the last year largely through acquisitions. Now the company is ready to show the fruit of that labor in the form of an upgrade to its vCenter Operations software and the release of new VMware vFabric Application Management and VMware IT Business Management suites that not only automate more virtual machine management functions, but also provides greater visibility into the applications running on top of those virtual machines.

Unfurled today at the VMworld Europe 2011 conference, Rob Smoot, VMware director of product marketing for vCenter management products, says this version of vCenter Operations makes it easier for IT organizations to converge the management of multiple IT functions in real time, thereby not only increasing the agility of the IT organization, but also significantly reducing the total cost of labor.



VMware vFabric Application Management and VMware IT Business Management suites, which are based on products that VMware gained access to with the acquisitions of Integrien and Digital Fuel, respectively, extend that mission into both applications arenas and IT financial management, adds Smoot.

Smoot says that VMware's goal is to automate almost everything in sight as part of an overall effort to bring a much higher degree of efficiency to enterprise IT. That means, says Smoot, making it routinely possible for a single IT administrator to manage hundreds, or even thousands of virtual machines in a way that allows IT to think more about adding value to the business rather than worry about whether a particular virtual machine is configured correctly. That may scare some IT folks, but the reality of the situation is that there really is no standing in the way of progress.