Using Video to Redefine Knowledge Transfer


Capturing knowledge and managing it has always proved elusive inside any organization. And never is that more apparent than during a company meeting where one person gets up and explains in detail how a process works or a market is changing.

Unfortunately, the process of transferring that knowledge usually depends on what people who attended the meeting remember and the quality of the notes they take. But what if those presentations could be easily captured and readily available for playback along with transcripts of what was actually said?

That's the goal of two competing services from Altus Learning Systems and Vivu, both of which make it possible to capture and then search through video content. Altus recently launched version 6 of vSearch, which has also been expanded to include the ability to capture entire webinars and virtual trade show events.

ViVu, in contrast, is a startup service that just secured $3 million in funding. It's a service that also provides integrated Web conferencing, audio and video and will incorporate virtual trade show events.

Whether either of these services ultimately gains mainstream adoption remains to be seen. But they both clearly point the way forward for online collaboration. To that end, it should not be surprising to anyone to see Adobe, Cisco, Webex, Microsoft, IBM and Google incorporate similar capabilities into their online collaboration services soon.