Time to Re-evaluate IT Management Strategy

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Over the years, most IT management processes have become fragmented. It's not really anyone's fault as much as it is a simple fact of inertia. The trouble is that the downturn in the economy coupled with the rise of mobile computing is conspiring in a way that is putting a lot more stress on those fragmented processes.

Dave Hansen, the former CIO of CA Technologies, was just this week appointed as CEO of Numara Software, a provider of a suite of integrated IT management tools. He says the downturn in the economy has resulted in smaller IT staffs trying to manage IT systems that have become more complicated to manage. In addition, mobile computing brings with it a range of new platforms that IT staffs are now being asked to manage. So the days when an IT management staff could try to limit the chaos by standardizing on one instance of Windows are over.

What all this means, says Hansen, is that IT organizations need to find a more comprehensive way to manage the overall environment using processes that are tightly coupled with one another. This will not only reduce IT management software costs, but it will result in the IT staff actually providing higher levels of service.

That may sound a lot like the usual less-is-more kind of story. But the fact remains that IT organizations are being asked to address a host of issues that existing processes were never designed to cope with. If that's the case, then maybe the time to take a giant step back in order to re-evaluate those processes from end to end might be more than a little overdue.