The Trouble with Google Docs

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Most IT organizations have no idea how many of their workers use Google's productivity applications. Available as a free service that makes it easy to share information with colleagues, Google claims that roughly 3,000 new businesses sign up a day to use Google Docs.

Most IT organizations are ignoring the Google Docs in their midst despite a whole host of issues ranging from security to the ability to comply with any number of regulations. The good news is that a small cottage industry of tools to help IT organizations manage Google Docs are starting to appear.

One of the latest examples is Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs. Delivered as a cloud computing service alongside Google Docs, it gives IT organizations a tool through which they govern how Google Docs are shared. In addition, Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs allows IT organizations to secure specific Google Docs files and create a dashboard that provides visibility into the portfolio of Google Docs files being used by the company.



According to Aprigo CEO Gil Zimmerman, the core issue with Google Docs is that when a person creates a document, he or she retains the permission rights to access that file. Ninja for GoogleDocs gives the permission rights for any Google Doc file back to the IT organization.

While IT organizations tend to really like clear-cut rules, such as standardization on Microsoft applications for Windows desktops, users increasingly are embracing productivity applications in the cloud. And that means IT managers need to follow.