Storage Protest Scheduled for Oracle OpenWorld

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As part of an effort to highlight the inherent inefficiencies of existing storage systems, Pillar Data System this week at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco is organizing what it describes as a peaceful protest against storage waste.

Pillar argues that rival storage architectures are fundamentally flawed because they typically have no awareness about the application environment they serve. As a result, they can't determine in a shared application environment which data is more important based on policies set by the IT department. This results either in compromising performance by having to treat all data equally when it comes to sharing limited I/O bandwidth, or having to buy dedicated storage for each application to maintain performance goals.

Pillar officials also note that storage virtualization only serves to further exacerbate the situation by increasing storage utilization rates. The result is more data on each array competing for the same amount of limited bandwidth. As an alternative, Pillar Data argues that customers would be better off achieving higher utilization rates using an approach that allows them to intelligently allocate bandwidth based on actual application requirements.

The actual protest, otherwise known as a marketing stunt, is apparently going to be contained to some basic picketing, although blocking show floor aisles to create a symbolic I/O bottleneck might be more appropriate. In either case, it's unlikely that security will remove the protesters. Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison is one of the primary investors in the company.