Spring Cleaning in the Enterprise

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From Clutter to Control - Time to Spring Clean the Applications Portfolio

As thoughts turn to warmer weather as spring approaches, many people just naturally seem to start large-scale cleaning projects that all seem to be designed to bring a breath of fresh air into their lives.

The folks at Hewlett-Packard are making a case that the same thought process should also be applied to bloated enterprise application portfolios, especially now that the overall economy seems to be steadily improving.

There's no doubt that it costs money to consolidate and retire applications. And there is a huge amount of corporate politics attached to each and every one. But the benefits of that effort pay for themselves many times over, notes Ed Quinn, HP vice president of application management services. To help IT organizations get started, HP has compiled a list of tips to consider when embarking in these types of projects.

But most importantly, Quinn says that IT organizations need to get away from legacy thinking about IT that puts too much emphasis on the size of the IT infrastructure as opposed to how efficiently it is managed. In addition, Quinn says it's imperative to have a meaningful dialogue with business executives in order to ascertain the true value of an application to the business.

Ultimately, Quinn advises that IT organizations need to build a portfolio that not only describes the applications they are supporting, but also identifies their real business value. Only then will application management become a strategic part of the company's corporate culture that happens on a continual basis, as opposed to a one-time, yearly event that only happens under duress.