Socializing the IT Department

Michael Vizard

Given the popularity of social networking sites as a vehicle for sharing information, it should come as no surprise that this style of communication is now being incorporated into IT management software.

The latest vendor to include social networking tools as part of their IT management framework is ManageEngine, which today launched IT Pulse, a social network platform designed specifically for use within IT organizations.


According to ManageEngine President Raj Sabhlok, the nature of most IT management tasks involves a lot of collaboration, especially when it comes to notifying other members of the IT team that a project has been assigned or completed.

Social media tools have become the way most people prefer to communicate with each in their personal life so it only makes sense to extend that paradigm out to the work environment.

Of course, there may be an age issue in terms of how familiar some people are with that paradigm. But as Sabhlok notes, social networking tools are regularly accessed by people in all age groups largely because the tools themselves are fairly intuitive to learn.

IT people aren't always best known for their communication skills. But they do tend to like to interact with people online, so theoretically making social networking tools a standard part of the IT management experience should lead to fewer misunderstandings and higher levels of collaboration across the board.

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May 4, 2012 11:26 AM Tom Tom  says:

what about when you want to communicate with folks outside the department?

There are actually plenty of tools available to help you do that, such as Jive

Anywhere, a browser plug-in that embeds Jive social functionality right into the browser, so you can use it to interact with live social sites on the Internet such as Facebook or LinkedIn or within browser-based apps such as your CRM or ERP tools.

This provides a simple way for you as an IT pro to share information with your colleagues, but it also provides a way to interact simply and easily with other employees in the company without providing a ton of intervention from you to make it happen.


Aug 13, 2012 11:46 PM Doug Thaler Doug Thaler  says:
The advantages of being able to share information is extremely valuable. How many times were you in the middle of a project and had a question with no one around to ask. Today all you need to do is go on linkedin or Facebook and ask and the amount of free expert opinions are invaluable and did I mention free. At filocity i have implemented a call to action to find as many ways to implement social file sharing as possible. First new features are due out in October. Should add some real power for companies. Doug Thaler Filocity.org Reply

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