Project Managers Need to Lighten Up

Michael Vizard
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Ten Online Project Management Mistakes to Avoid

Tips to get your project management initiative online.

As the whole process associated with managing projects becomes more collaborative, project managers need to come to terms with some new realities. Gone are the days when the project manager could centrally control each and every project. The simple fact of the matter is that with the advent of online project management applications, every stakeholder in the company has a lot more transparency into the state of any given project.

So the days when project managers used to keep every project detail to themselves are just about over. It's also going to be a lot harder now to set up fake project deadlines in the hopes of adding enough lead time to a project so that, in the event of missing a key milestone, there's still some flexibility in the schedule. The problem with that approach, of course, is that everybody starts to add a little give to the project, until we wind up with a set of timelines that nowhere near reflect any actual reality. Now allowances for missed deadlines have to be factored into the schedule because everybody can see how their part of the project is going to be affected by some other group's missed deadline.

To help facilitate the transition to online project management, LiquidPlanner, a provider of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for project management, has come up with 10 tips for smoothing the transition to a collaborative project management environment.

But what all this ultimately means, says LiquidPlanner CEO Charles Seybold, is that everybody working on a project is now, to one degree or another, a project manager. We'll still need anal-retentive project managers to help keep the overall project on track, but the days when project managers could use their control over project schedules as base of political power in the company are coming to a close.

Seybold says some project managers will adapt, and may even welcome, these changes. But he suspects that we may soon see the rise of a new generation of project managers who are fundamentally more skilled in the arts of collaboration and persuasion.

The good news is that for once everybody, from senior managers on down to the lowest assistant, will have a real sense of what's going on with various projects, and the company as a whole. The bad news is with transparency comes a whole lot more accountability.

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