Mitigating the Cost of Mobile Computing Change


One of the challenges that IT organizations face as they move to embrace the many facets of mobile computing is the cost of supporting these applications on an ongoing basis across multiple platforms.

No one can be absolutely certain these days which mobile computing platforms will be popular a year from now, but they can be certain that the applications running on these devices will need to be frequently updated. If those applications were all built using the native tools for each device, then the cost of making all those changes would get progressively more expensive over time.

For that reason, the folks at Verivo Software came up with the Verivo Enterprise Mobility Environment, which gives developers access to a 4GL development environment that not only makes it easier to create applications for every major mobile computing platform, but also rapidly make changes to those applications over time.


Verivo CTO Todd Christy says the Verivo Enteprise Mobility Environment is specifically designed for IT organizations looking for a tool that allows them to rapidly develop applications using a drag-and-drop interface that takes little time to master because there is no coding required. In fact, Christy says that the Verivo approach is five times faster than other tools.

By definition, mobile computing applications are experimental in nature. No developer can be certain how any end user is going to react to a particular design or feature. Given the inherent uncertainty associated with developing mobile computing applications, the better part of valor may be having a way to "enhance" those applications as quickly as possible.