Master Data Management Reaches for the Cloud

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10 Critical Myths and Realities of Master Data Management

Prevalent myths surrounding MDM alongside an explanation of the realities.

There are a couple of things that tend to hinder master data management projects. First, they are difficult to set up and, second, it's time-consuming to connect MDM to the sources of data that are needed to feed the MDM system.

Now comes a new offering from Snaplogic, which today announced a partnership under which the two companies will co-market an MDM service in the cloud developed by Orchestra Networks that the two companies claim is the first multi-tenant MDM service in the cloud.

Called smartdatagoverance.com, this MDM service differs from other MDM platforms in the cloud in that it truly is self-service, as compared to a single-tenant MDM cloud computing service that is really just another instance of managing the hosting of an MDM system on behalf of one customer, says Elias Terman, Snaplogic director of product marketing.


In contrast, this new MDM service is not only the first multi-tenant MDM service in the cloud, says Terman, it leverages a full set of REST APIs and now the Snaplogic data integration platform to significantly reduce the complexity associated with getting data in and out of an MDM system.


As the sheer volume of data that IT organizations need to manage continues to increase, the quality and accuracy of that data becomes increasingly problematic. While an MDM service in the cloud may not be the right answer for every company, the majority of IT organizations out there that have yet to implement any kind of MDM capability will probably welcome a service they can easily invoke. This is especially valuable during a time when dollars in the IT budget to fund projects that don't provide an immediate return on investment are in short supply.

The simple fact of the matter is that one of the reasons that MDM projects don't get attempted or funded is that they're too difficult for most IT organizations to accomplish, which is the primary reason why MDM is really a good fit for the cloud.