Marketing the Internal IT Experience

Michael Vizard

Any marketer will tell you is that the end goal is to create a positive customer experience that is both memorable and enjoyable.

Internal IT organizations faced with a plethora of third-party competitors might want to think about taking that advice to heart. It's not enough anymore to deliver IT services competently; you have to make sure that the end consumer of those services remembers and appreciates the value of those services.

Otherwise, internal IT is just another back end computing service that could just as easily be delivered by anyone. When you talk to end users that work for companies that have outsourced IT support, the one thing most of them will say they miss is the personal touch of the internal IT department. By necessity, the external IT service is comparatively antiseptic.

One of ways that Bomgar, which today released a version 10.5 of its help desk software that adds additional BlackBerry and Macintosh support, is trying to help IT organizations address this issue is by allowing them to deploy a customizable service desk button on each device they support. That may not sound like much from a technical perspective, but in terms of reminding end users who has their back, it can be huge.



Internal IT organizations need to concentrate on marketing themselves these days almost as much as the technology itself. There are all kinds of organizations angling to replace them, even when the internal IT department is extremely competent. And while how IT is measured plays a big part in those decisions, so does end user perception.

So if the internal IT organization wants to ultimately win this fight, then maybe it should pay a visit to their internal marketing organizations to pick up some tips and tricks about winning the hearts and minds of the customer. In the meantime, it should take every opportunity to remind end users who has their back in their time of need because without constant reminders, the customer usually winds up being wooed away. And once that happens, the jobs in the internal IT department tend to go away, as well.

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Jun 15, 2010 9:42 AM Help Desk Marketing Help Desk Marketing  says:

As a marketer of help desk software, I could not agree more with your post.  For years I was a client trainer and consultant helping companies to impliment help desk solutions.  The one piece of advise I gave every client was that the help desk needs to sell itself.  Some companies did it well, with mouse pads, coffee mugs, and contests for end users. For a department that is often the but of jokes and referred to as the "helpless desk", doing some internal PR can go a long way to changing your end users opinions. Help Desk 30 Day Free Trial

Oct 3, 2012 8:00 PM Tim Tim  says:
I agree that can help ease the pain with customers. I think it is more feeling secure than marketing. I don't use a helpdesk per se but rather a remote tool (http://www.screenconnect.com/) when dealing with customers. I've done my own branding to the tool so my customers feel safe. I think it would work the same in a large organization. Reply
Nov 5, 2014 10:58 AM Greg Greg  says:
Try remote access service Deskroll (https://deskroll.com). It supports a lot of platforms, including Android, iOS and Blackberry. Reply

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