Managing the Middleware Muddle

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B2B Integration Gets Strategic in the Cloud

A more strategic approach to cloud B2B integration is emerging.

It's pretty apparent that the most strategic component of any IT strategy these days is the middleware that weaves all the applications that make up the enterprise into something that is greater than the sum of the parts. The trouble is that there is so much disparate middleware strewn across the enterprise that it's become difficult to manage.

To address this issue in the age of the cloud, BMC Software today rolled out upgrades to its Middleware Management platform that make it easier to unify the management of middleware running both on premise and in the cloud. According to April Hickel, BMC lead product manager for middleware, the amount of middleware being used in the enterprise is running far ahead of most IT organizations' ability to manage it. And with the advent of cloud computing, IT organizations are more dependent on middleware than ever to integrate applications that are running both inside and outside of the traditional enterprise.


The new updates to BMC's Middleware Management offering also provide tighter integration with BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management software and add support for IBM's DataPower middleware appliance.

IT organizations see middleware increasingly as the place within the IT organization that they enforce standards, especially in the face of more diversity of the client side of the IT equation. But even there, the amount of middleware deployed across the organization has been allowed to proliferate, which means that rather than trying to standardize on a particular piece of middleware, the better part of valor may turn out to be finding a way to standardize the management of all the middleware.