Making Last-minute Cyber Monday Preparations

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Six Tips to Prepare Online Retail Servers for Cyber Monday

Follow these important server maintenance tips or risk losing bumper sales on Cyber Monday.

While large retail organizations are generally well prepared for Cyber Monday, smaller retailers may soon be in for a rude shock.

Cybercriminals have made the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, with its many special online sales, one of their favorite days to cash in using malware that could have been planted months ago.

While many IT organizations may feel it's too late to do anything about this issue, the folks at Incapsula, a provider of Internet acceleration and security services, would beg to differ. According to company founder Marc Gaffan, the company's namesake service allows retailers to take advantage of the company's global network of servers simply by redirecting their DNS server traffic to Incapsula.

Priced starting at $49 a month, the service improves the performance of a retailer's site by caching pages on the Incapsula servers. Those servers provide an additional layer of security defense for retailers, while giving them access to servers that can be used to provide additional capacity should it be needed.

No one can be sure what will happen this holiday season but with the rise of any number of on-demand services in the cloud, the ability to manage unexpected situations is steadily starting to shift in favor of the IT department, which knows what services are readily available.


In the meantime, if you are involved in retail, you might want to give some thought to how you plan to handle security incidents that are coming your way as sure as Monday follows Sunday.