Lowering the Cost of Intrusion Detection and Prevention


One of the issues that a lot of organizations have with IT security is that it's costly to implement and difficult to manage. While there has been a lot of progress on both of those fronts lately, it hasn't been dramatic. As a result, a lot of organizations are deploying anti-malware software on the endpoint and a firewall at the perimeter. But adoption of intrusion-detection systems (IDS) has been spotty because they generally require expensive dedicated appliances that can be hard to manage.

However, a new startup called MetaFlows is planning to take on that challenge with the launch today of a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for managing IT security that doesn't require custom appliances.

According to MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, the MetaFlows Security System (MSS) divides traffic into multiple streams and processes each of them on a separate CPU core to monitor up to 10 Gbps of sustained network throughput using standard servers that cost $4,000 or less. Customers can opt to buy those servers from MetaFlow or use existing server systems they might already have installed, said Ricciulli.


Ricciulli says MMS gives IT organizations the cost benefits of a SaaS-based approach to managing intrusion detection along with access to advanced Honeypot decoy services and tools that limit the number of false positives that the IT organization needs to respond to when an alert is generated.

But the real issue, says Ricciulli, is that MMS is designed to provide higher levels of security that are enabled by an IDS at price points that are 10 times less expensive than anything else, which should ultimately promote greater adoption of IDS as another layer of affordable IT security.