IT Needs to Get out of the Business' Way


When it comes to IT, sometime less is more.


That's part of the thinking behind a workflow application from PerfectForms that allows end users to build and create their own business process workflows.


Built around an object framework that can be deployed on premise or as a service, PerfectForms presents users with a series of objects that they can link together to create a business process with little to no help from IT.


According to PerfectForms CEO Tom Allanson, too many IT organizations have inserted themselves too far into the busines process, resulting in overly complex systems that do not meet the flexibility needs of the business.


Allanson isn't advocating a return to days when IT functioned only as a support organization. But he does says that the pendulum has swung too far the other way with IT becoming a hindrance to business process management.


A new generation of workers that grew up using Web 2.0 technologies are much more comfortable using application software on their own without the aid of any IT professionals, Those employees, in particular, want to replicate that same type of experience in their daily work lives.


At a time when IT organizations are constantly told they they need to become more business-savvy, you can't help but wonder if instead of helping the business, IT organizations are actually gettting in the way. And if that's the case, maybe it is time to take a giant step backward in order to make the proverbial two business process steps forward.