In Search of Lost Shopping Carts

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Although the vast majority of the time it turns out that a shopping cart is abandoned online because someone was using it as a glorified price checker, it still would be a nice to be sure about exactly why that cart was abandoned. After all, there is still a chance that there is something fundamentally flawed with your e-commerce site.

With that issue in mind, SeeWhy has launched a Live in Five campaign that promises it can have its Abandonment Tracker Pro on-demand software for analyzing e-commerce transactions up and running in less than five days on a prospective customer's Web site. Given how close the holiday shopping season is with the infamous "Black Friday" after Thanksgiving a little more than a month away, some IT organizations may want to pay heed.

Industry analysts estimate that somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 percent of all shopping carts are abandoned. If only 5 percent of those instances have something to do with the way the site is built, rather than the price of the goods, then SeeWhy could prove to be a very good investment. For example, SeeWhy recently partnered with BlueHornet Networks to allow customers to automatically send someone an e-mail every time they abandon a shopping cart. That may seem like an obvious thing to do, but few e-commerce sites can do that.

Alas, e-commerce these days remains more art than science with most companies. But with tools that analyze what is actually happening on the site, companies may be running out of excuses for not employing more science.