IBI Spreads Chatter Across the Enterprise


In terms of enterprise IT and business process in general, it's time for social media technologies to spread out


That summarizes the thinking behind a new upgrade to iWay CEP Enable middleware from the iWay division of Information Builders. It integrates the Chatter social-networking software in the customer relationship (CRM) software from Salesforce.com with complex event processing (CEP) software from IBI.


According to iWay Vice President Dave Watson, more enterprises are realizing the critical role that CRM software plays in their business processes. But as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, the data about customers that resides in the Salesforce.com applications is isolated from the rest of the business.



The new update from IBI makes it possible to integrate Salesforce.com's Chatter social-networking software with business processes and applications across thre enterprise. That Chatter integration capability, said Watson, is important because business processes in the enterprise are going social. As social-networking software with enterprise applications increasingly replaces e-mail as the primary mode of collaboration, Watson says tools such as Chatter will become the new front ends for business process management (BPM).


After taking on the challenge of Chatter, next up for IBI is Streamworks collbaoration software from SAP. And down the road, IBI also expects to be able to integrate Chatter with a variety of other internal and external social media tools and collaboratin applications being brought into the enterprise on a daily basis.


As the nature of business process managment becomes more social,and by extension more complex, enterprise IT will soon be redefined by the convergence of collaboration applications and BPM. And the companies that master those core capabilities first will have a strategic advantage in business agility.