How Self-Service Applications Can Save the IT Department

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The Crying Need for Self-Service IT

A case for the self-service distribution of application software.

When it comes determining the value that workers place on the internal IT department, perception can be everything.

Unfortunately, the perception of IT among far too many business users is not all that high. In fact, a new survey of 1,000 business professionals from the United States and the United Kingdom conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of 1E, which provides a platform for self-service applications, not only shows a great deal of frustration with the process of provisioning and deploying software, it also shows how poorly that process reflects on the internal IT department.


That means IT organizations need to make the application-provisioning process more efficient. According to Richard Cudd, product manager for 1E, the adoption of self-service application platforms such as Shopping from 1E will not only improve the perception of the internal IT department, it also frees up IT personnel to work on projects that add more value to the business.

In addition, Cudd said self-service application platforms make it easier to more efficiently share application licenses across the organization, discourage users from deploying non-sanctioned applications and make it easier to reclaim orphan application licenses that are no longer being used.

At a time when many business users think external IT providers can deliver services better than the internal IT department, self-service application platforms will become an important weapon in the battle of perception. The internal IT department can boost its perceived competency by providing an application experience roughly similar to that of apps stores on smartphones.

And if workers perceive the internal IT department as competent, there will be less noise about outsourcing IT. So ultimately, self-service applications are not just about the consumerization of IT and making end users happy, it's also about saving jobs in the IT department.