How Cloud Computing Forces the Data Governance Issue

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Perceptions and Realities of Cloud Security

A new survey suggests that access policies could use a little work.

While there's no doubt that there are plenty concerns about data security when it comes to cloud computing, the prospect of having to move data into the cloud is pushing many IT organizations to take a good look at how they manage data security overall.

A survey of 384 IT managers conducted by Courion, a provider of data governance tools, finds that the majority of the respondents have limited knowledge of who has access to what applications in their environment and that most of them don't have a lot of confidence that they could pass an access audit of the applications they are using in the cloud today.

Courion Chief Marketing Officer Todd Chambers says the survey shows that most IT organizations are not really prepared to address the data security issues associated with moving to the cloud en masse. And until those issues get addressed, the adoption of cloud computing in the enterprise is going to be limited.

The good news is that economic conditions are forcing more companies to think about their data access policies. And when coupled with compliance issues, Chambers says the whole issue of data governance is finally at the top of the IT agenda.

Data governance for the most part has been treated as a maintenance issue by most IT organizations. But with the advent of cloud computing, data governance is finally getting its IT due.