Google Fills Gap between Mobile, Cloud Computing

Michael Vizard

One of the more painful things about the intersection of mobile and cloud computing these days is the lack of synchronization between various applications. But with Google's announcement that users can upload any type of file and access it with Google Docs, the gap between mobile and cloud computing has been considerably narrowed.

Users of Google Docs can now work on a Microsoft Excel file on their netbook, and share that file through a cloud computing service such as Google Docs. Obviously, this increases the number of potential people willing to use Google as a cloud service for sharing documents, which Google hopes ultimately will result in more users signing up to use Google Apps.

But Google has identified a gap in cloud computing that needs filling, even to the point with partnering with companies such as Memeo for a desktop application that makes it easier to access and manage Google Docs across multiple PCs, Syncplicity for a file-management service for mobile devices and Manymoon, a project-management application.

Obviously, as smartbooks, netbooks and smartphones become standard elements of the enterprise, synchronization services become more vital. As a result, Syncplicity CEO Leonard Chung says it is adding support for Google Docs as a standard file format for the company's file-management service.

According to Chung, since launching the service, Syncplicty has 80,000 users and manages more than 300 terabytes of data.

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Jan 13, 2010 11:06 AM usb sticks usb sticks  says:

So huge memory mobile and can install so many softwear on mobile with internet than what need for computer??

Jan 14, 2010 10:22 AM Paul Fowler Paul Fowler  says:


At Gogobeans, we have developed a platform to merge the fixed and mobile world enabling customers to store, access and manage their digital life from any device, anywhere.  We have watched with interest the growing media on mobile cloud and believe our solutions are well placed to deliver the synchronisation you refer to.  Recently, we were nominated for a SPIFFY award by the Telecom Council as one of the best new investment opportunities in mobile and fixed solutions.  While not of Google's magnitude, our solutions are starting to gain traction as a white label solution enabling carriers to deliver cloud services in response to the vendor and software giant's product offerings.

As a platform, Gogobeans technology delivers connected services that can provide social networking tools, applications stores and file storage and management, all in a cloud environment.  For business, that incorporates collaboration tools for file sharing, wrapped with a four tier security around each data item using our BEANS technology.

The big names in the industry are seeking to drive revenue from building a direct relationship with end customers, a domain largely held by Telco providers.  There have been numerous stories on the "dumb pipe"scenario and Vodafone's 360 platform is focused on expanding their product set and share of wallet.

Gogobeans recognizes the competition in Vodafone, Apple, Nokia and Google but for a small operation at present, we believe our solutions are positioned to up the ante on functionality whilst maintaining an agnostic approach to devices. 

We welcome your review and comments

Paul Fowler

Marketing Director

Gogobeans, Inc

Jan 27, 2010 2:42 PM Cloud computing company Cloud computing company  says:

For cloud computing to be extra useful sync up between various access devices such as mobiles and computers needs to be sorted. One of the benefits of the cloud is anytime, anywhere!

Nov 26, 2010 4:21 PM Albert Bausch Albert Bausch  says: in response to Paul Fowler

Very interesting proposition Paul and I do agree that generic solutions of Google, Microsoft and Apple leave gaps to be filled by companies like Gogobeans. These gaps are not only for Small and Medium Enterprise, but also for all those organizations who don't want to trust all their applications and data to 1 global player and want more options and flexibility in terms of customized features and GUIs. SOA and Cloud computing enable and encourage the best-of-breed strategy. Our PortalCMS solution aims at providing our customers the functionality that they want, anyplace anytime. That includes their (existing) best-of-breed backoffice solutions but also the new applications that pop up every day, faster and faster.

We would like to explore the possibilities to work with Gogobeans in the Netherlands. Contact me via portalcms.info.


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