Content Management Gets Dynamic


When it comes to managing a website, the biggest challenge is trying to provide the right content at the right time. The good news is that visitors are signaling what they are interested in more than ever before, usually via social networks.

The challenge is to find a way to take all the data that people publicly share on social networks and drive what they ultimately see on your website.

Both CoreMedia and Alfresco have separate initiatives under way to upgrade their respective content management systems (CMS) with these goals in mind.

Glenn Conradt, vice president of marketing for CoreMedia, says the goal of one-to-one marketing on the Web, contrary to popular opinion, has not disappeared. He says that next-generation CMS platforms, such as version 6 of the company namesake CMS platform that was unveiled today, make it possible to dynamically orchestrate data without the aid of someone in IT regardless of where it needs to be drawn from across the enterprise ecosystem.


This approach, he says, will not only lead to more customer and content segmentation on the Web, it will also ultimately lead to a complete redesign of the Web customer experience.

Similarly, Alfresco, a provider of an open source CMS platform, is pursuing a social content management strategy with the release today of Alfresco Enterprise 3.4. Todd Barr, chief marketing officer for Alfresco, says enterprise content systems are morphing from being systems of record to becoming systems of engagement. The trend, he adds, is driving the convergence of traditional Web content management systems and enterprise document management systems because companies want to be able to dynamically display any information they need on their websites regardless of where it happens to be stored at any given moment.


That means, in its simplest terms, that in the not-too-distant future, if you have a video on your desktop, you should be able to publish it to YouTube with the push of a button, he says.

What all this amounts to is that the strategic role that the CMS plays within the business is about to become much greater because for all intents and purposes, business on the Web is soon going to be managed by the CMS.