CollabNet Acquisition Advances Agile Development

Michael Vizard

In a sign of the continuing maturation of the agile application development methodology, CollabNet today announced it has acquired Danube, a provider of a project management framework for creating applications using agile development practices.

Danube's Scrum Works Pro software gives customers a framework for developing software using agile techniques by not only providing a framework for managing these projects, but also providing training, certification and consulting services.

Much like commercial software vendors, IT organizations have been moving away from the so-called waterfall style of application development that results in massive upgrades about every 18 months in favor of continuous upgrades advocated by proponents of agile development.

CollabNet provides an application lifecycle management platform, called TeamForge, that is fairly popular in the open source community, Although CollabNet CEO Bill Portelli says that Danube will operate as an independent division of CollabNet, the merging of a project management framework such as Scrum with an ALM platform represents an advance in terms of bringing more structure to agile development methodologies. At present, Danube claims to have over 150,000 active users of its Scrum framework.

Thanks to agile development practices, a major transformation in terms of how large-scale applications are developed and managed has been under way for the last several years. As corporate customers get exposed to better management tools based on agile development practices, that transformation can only be accelerated.

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Dec 21, 2010 6:34 PM Oleg Puzyreff Oleg Puzyreff  says:

New training program with Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co founder of Scrum, and qaSignature to super-accelerate Scrum

Dear Agile Professional,

Scrum Inc., and qaSignature are offering Optimized Scrum, a new Scrum

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Optimized Scrum will integrate full daily regression testing cycles

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Embedding full regression testing cycles at both the sprint and daily

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The course is offered as a one day session for CSMs or packaged with

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The course is offered either as a one day course for CSMs at:


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*This optional course is not part of CSM certification program and

not required for ScrumMaster certification.

I hope to see you there, and let me know if you have any questions.


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