Changing the Economics of Load Testing via the Cloud


A lot of people wonder why IT organizations run into application performance issues at all. After all, at some point during the development of the application someone was in charge of testing the application, including determining how well it should theoretically scale.

On paper, almost every application is subject to some form of load testing. But in reality, load testing is complex to set up and historically expensive to do. The end result is that load testing is one of those areas where IT organizations take shortcuts to save money with often predictable results.

The folks at BlazeMeter, however, want to change the economics of load testing. The company has created a self-service load testing service in the cloud that can be used to test applications running either on premise or in a third-party data center. The basic idea, says BlazeMeter CEO Alon Girmonsky, is to make load testing simple enough to make sure there's never an excuse for not doing it properly.

BlazeMeter is based on Apache JMeter, an open source server performance testing tool that BlazeMeter is making available as part of an on-demand service. Customers can opt to subscribe to the service or simply pay $8 per hour of server usage. In either case, the idea, says Girmonsky, is to remove cost of load testing as an IT issue.


BlazeMeter isn't the only load testing service in the cloud, but it is changing the cost of load testing in a substantial way. To that end, the company today announced that it has raised another $1.2 million in venture capital funding.

In this day and age, it's almost impossible to predict what kind of usage any given application is going to wind up seeing. Given that reality, the better part of valor is to be prepared for the worst. But understanding what the worst might really look like needs to begin with load testing.